The Hunger Games Book 1

In this version of The Hunger Games we are changing the characters' endings. now shut up and read.


3. Food, Food, and More Food

Gale's POV:

I woke up, half expecting someone to run a knife through me. At least, I hoped. The clock on the dresser rattled as we went over a bump on the train. It read "8:59".

"Oh, wow." I got up, threw some clothes on, and walked out of my room. I went to the Dining Car and saw Katnip, sitting there looking at our mentor, Haymitch.

"Morning, sleepy head." Katnip looked over at me.

"Woah, are we feeding an army?" I looked up and down the table. There were: cakes, muffins, cookies, eggs, bacon, orange juice, milk, biscuits, jams, and all this other great stuff.

"Dig in." Haymitch said in a half drunk voice.

"A little early for him to be drunk, isn't it?" I whispered to Katnip.

"I guess not." She whispered back.

"So, this humbuggy stuff called the "Wames."

"Wames? Humbuggy?" Katniss said out loud.

"Yeah, kid. Lames and Bubhuggy." He looked down at his glass. "IT'S DRY!"

"Wow, thought you were going to explode."

"With how drunk he is he still could, you know." Said Katniss. What the heck, he wouldn't he remember. Might as well insult him while you can, right?

"Stop it, you willful bandits!" He waved a glass, hoplessly hitting invisible willful bandits. Or did he mean us?

I joined Katniss in laughing, since I'm pretty sure if you saw a drunk doing that you would be laughing pretty hard too!

"Haymitch, let's get down to business."

"WAIT A SECOND! A man isn't serious until he is hammered." Haymitch fiddled around with all of the glasses of wine, finded the perfect kind.

"A man's best friend is his wine, right?" I whispered to Katniss. She gave me a grin.



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