The Hunger Games Book 1

In this version of The Hunger Games we are changing the characters' endings. now shut up and read.


1. Dark, Cold, and Dreary

Dark, cold, and dreary. I knew my life without Katniss would be that, or worse, if she was in the games. I would lose her forever. Even if she won the games, she wouldn't be the same. Which is why, when Peeta Mellark's name was called, I yelled, "I volunteerl!" Katniss's eyes went huge, and she was on the verge of tears. Only I could tell, though. She's good at hiding her emotions, but I can read her just like a book. As I walked up the stage, holding back the tears, there was only one thing I could think: I'm going to die for Katniss.
We held eye contact for a minute and then I couldn't hold it any longer. One tear came streaming down my face but I refused to lift my hand to my face. I would never cry in front of Katniss. Effie told me to speed up my pace, but I wasn't going to hurry to my death. I approached the steps, slightly sick to my stomach, and stepped up to the stage of Death. Katniss approached me, her eyes full of anger.
"What the heck, Gale! What were you thinking?" She whispered to me. She refused to look at me. I couldn't look at her without crying. She meant too much to me. I would never lose her if I could help it.
"What brave volunteers!" Exclaimed Effie with her unusual Capitol accent.
"Katnip, I can't just let you go alone!"
"Yes, you can."
"Well, not anymore."
After some boring speech that I didn't pay attention to, we were guided off the stage and to rooms to say goodbye to our family.
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