Summer Love

Jesse is abused, by her boyfriend, by her family, by her friends. She's almost lost everything special to her, then she meets Harry. A myserious stranger who finds her, almost dead, bleeding and bruised and saves her. Harry who seems rapt with her from the moment he set eyes on her. Could harry bring back her faith? Or will someone else get in the way?


6. Saviour

Jesse's P.O.V
I looked up, shocked and I found my eyes locking on those brilliant green orbs, a strange expression crossed his face as the guy who I vaguely remembered being my saviour, rubbed his knuckles. I rivetted my eyes to his hands then back at his face, then back down to Steve.
 "You did that?" I asked, my voice catching and sliding with emotion. A small frown creased his face and he nodded.
 "Yeah, I'm sorry." He said, keeping his voice quiet. I let out a short laugh. " Don't be sorry! That jerk deserves everything he gets!!" His frown disappeared and a small smile replaced it.
 "Oh thank god! I thought he was going to hurt you!" I dropped my gaze to my body.
 " He has." I say softly.

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