Summer Love

Jesse is abused, by her boyfriend, by her family, by her friends. She's almost lost everything special to her, then she meets Harry. A myserious stranger who finds her, almost dead, bleeding and bruised and saves her. Harry who seems rapt with her from the moment he set eyes on her. Could harry bring back her faith? Or will someone else get in the way?


7. 'No way'

Jesse's P.O.V

"No way." Harry's words were laced with vemon, much like his expression when I finally dared to look up. His green eyes seemed to smoulder as he clenched his jaw together. "No way." he repeated. I shrugged and looked down. I could feel those eyes on my face as I stared intently at my feet. I noticed vaguely that my toenails had obviously been cleaned because the ocean blue nail polish was no longer on them. I eventually brought myself to look up and parted my lips slightly in shock to see the boy still watching me intently, a deep intensity in his eyes that I hadnt noticed earlier. I stuck hand out & grasped his hand in mine.

Harry's P.O.V

I looked at her hand around mine and then back up at her face. She had a dazed look on her face, staring at her hand as though she had no idea what she was doing. "My names Harry, if you don't already know." I told her quickly. She looked up at me and nodded, the dazed look strengthening. "Yours?" I prompted gently, even though I already knew. "Jesse. Its jesse." she said quickly, her words tripping over themselves. Her hand dropped from mine as Steve moved. She stepped, her eyes widening in fright. I kicked him. "Look, Jesse, I'm going to get Paul alright." and with that, I hurried out, not looking behind me.


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