Summer Love

Jesse is abused, by her boyfriend, by her family, by her friends. She's almost lost everything special to her, then she meets Harry. A myserious stranger who finds her, almost dead, bleeding and bruised and saves her. Harry who seems rapt with her from the moment he set eyes on her. Could harry bring back her faith? Or will someone else get in the way?


2. Found

Jesse's P.O.V
I lay on the ground, wishing I could see something. But at the moment everything is a dark red blur. I guess the blood from a cut over my eye has dried over my eyes. Actually I don't think I'm ever going to see anything again. If I'm lucky I'll die here alone, in peace. But I'm not lucky as a general rule. So hearing the door open and close loudly doesnt scare me. Well, of course it does, I knew he would never let me die peacefully, so he's here to finish the job. I whimper quietly and try to wriggle away from the noise, but my hands and feet are tied. When the heck did that happen!? Now I'm really scared. The steps get louder and closer. I sigh and give up, going limp and listening to the sound of the light foot falls. Then I raise my head slightly. 'Light..' I whisper to myself. Steve was a huge guy, 9 foot maybe, he could never be that quiet. A brief flare of hope ignites in my heart.

Harry's P.O.V
I slammed the doors closed and looked around, drawing my jacket tighter around my body. A light breeze blew through what looked like a school gym. Looking around I noticed something blue on the floor & dropped to my knees, picking it up. I raised my eyebrows and darted my eyes around the gym, my eyes searching for something. Finially I saw it and I moved quietly to the figure of a whimpering girl on the floor.

Jesse's P.O.V
The foot steps stopped. I could feel someones gaze on me. I struggled too see through my bloodied eyes and could just make out a tall guy. Not as tall as steve, but close to and his hair seemed to be curly, almost a wavy sort of curly. Through the red I saw his eyes, a piercing green. They were fixed on mine with such intensity that I closed my eyes again. I felt the ground spin, or maybe I just thought it was, who knows. I'm too far gone to tell anymore.


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