Its all my fault--(One Direction)

When Liz gets her boyfreind, Niall Horan, hurt and in a wheel chair she has to deal with angry fans, her freinds, and herself.


5. The Note


The boys and I got back from the doctors. I now have crutches and I can walk better. We walk in the room and I see a note on the table. I pick it up and I feel like I got punched in the stomach. "Hey whats that" Louis says. "It's from Elizabeth" I tell him. I hand Zayn the paper. He starts to read.

"Niall, you did nothing wrong. You are everything I want in a guy. I dont want to say this, but I think you would be better. I am breaking up with you. I feel like everything that happened to you is my fault. I know you told me none of it was, but I dont want you to get hurt becuse of me. people said it should have been me and you are better off with out me. Even though you dont, I belive what they said. I am going to America to live with my cousins. Brianna didnt know any of this, she had no part of this. None of this was your fault and the reason I am doing this is for you.You are my perfect guy and you are perfect. I will never forget you and I will allways love you. Love Elizabeth."

"I am sorry" Harry said. "That is tough"Liam adds. I feel broken and hurt but I go to my room. I take out my suit case and pack. "What are you doing" Zayn shouts. "I am going to find her." "But your on crutches, how are you going to do that" Liam adds. "I dont know, but she said she loved me and she said she didnt want to break up. So I am going to find her and get her back." "she can be in America by now" Louis says. "Why do you think I am packing " I protest. " Fine if your going to America then, we are coming" Zayn says as they all get there bags.

We all hurry to pack, and I run as fast as I can. I hate theese crutches. We run outside and stop. "We dont have a car" Louis says. "No problem" I tell him. I try to hail a cab. It took forever, but we finally got one. We threw our stuff in the trunk and jumped in the car. "Were to" the women said in a grungy voice. "The airport, please hurry. " I didnt have to say what airport, There is only one around here. "Which one of you lost a girlfriend" The cab driver says. The guys point to me and I raise my hand sheepishly. "I will get you there. I will do it for love." "Thank you so much" I tell her. She hits the gas pedal, we all hold on.

The airport is a little far, but as long as we dont hit traffic we should be fine. "Were making good time" harry says. "Dont jinx us" I say. Thanks to Harry we hit traffic. "Were stuck boys, you might be a little late" the cab driver says. " I am not going to miss her plane" I say as I jump out of the car. The driver pops the trunk and we grap our stuff.

"Good luck boys" The driver shouts. "The airport isn't to far away. But we have to run" Zayn says. "Fine with me" I say as we start to run. It is so hard to run with crutches, but for her I dont care how hard it is. I see a plane in the sky and I wonder if she is in there. "A plane, were getting close" Louis says. My legs hurt but I see the airport. I start go ahead of everyone. "There it is" I shout. We all run through the entrance. We had to bye the tickets there, but I was planning on stopping her before she got on the plane. I have my suit case and ticket just in case.

We started walking and I see her blonde hair and the stem of her glasses sticking out of the back of her head. I run after her. Of course I get stopped by the medal detecter and all the other checking points before getting on the plane. I lost sight of her. "Do you see her" I ask. "Over there" Liam points.

I see her, I see her boarding the plane. I call her name, she turns. I look into her eyes, I know she sees me. She quickly turns back around and walks to board the plane. I run after her, calling her name.The boys follow me, trying to keep up. I hand the flight attendant my ticket and run on the plane.

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