Its all my fault--(One Direction)

When Liz gets her boyfreind, Niall Horan, hurt and in a wheel chair she has to deal with angry fans, her freinds, and herself.


4. Only one thing left

That day we had to go to the doctor for Niall. Harry and Brianna were the only ones who came. We didnt want it to be crowded. We wheel him in the room and I can see he looks a little nervous. "Dont worry" I tell him. He takes my hand. We sit their and a girl comes up to us. "How cute, you still like her even after she ruined your life" I stand in shock. "Trust me I would make a better girlfriend." Our Niall gets calledand I was happy to leave their.

The doctor walks in the room. "Niall Horan, we are going to give you an X-ray to how your leg looks. "Is that going to hurt" I ask. "No, we are just going to lay him down, and shine and powerful beam of light powerd by gamma rays." I understoud nothing of what he said. He takes Niall into a seperate room. "Do you think he will be ok" I ask worried. "Of course,dont be worried" Brianna said.

We all sit down and Brianna leans her head on Harry. It was to cute. Niall and the doctor finally come out. He puts the X-ray on the monitor for us to see. "It was worse than we originally thought. He will need to stay in the wheel chair longer." The doctor starts saying things I dont understand. I walk to Niall. He looks a little upset.

I doctor tells us Niall should stay in the wheel chair and of his legs. He lets us leave after we sign some papers. "I have to tell Simon" Niall says. "Call him when we get to the appartment" Harry says. We all nodd in agreement and start walking. The usuall fans come up and say I love you, and can you sign this. But one girl stands out. It was the blonde haired girl that said it should have been you.

I almost died. "Oh, I see you didnt dump her. Let her down easy girls like her never had boyfriends so be gentle." She laughs like it was such a great joke. We all walk away without a word. We goin the elavator and up to the room. We open the door and eveerybody is their. "Hey, how did it go" Liam asked. "he has to stay in the wheelchair longer, they said it was worse than they thought." I answer. They all seemed shocked. "I have to call Simon" Niall steps away from everyone else.

"Hey, Simon I just got back from the doctor and thay said I am going to be in the wheel chair longer than they expected. I understand, I will keep you in touch." "What did he say" I asked Niall. "He was a little mad but he is fine" "Ok then." He took my hand and we spent the rest of the night talking

The next day the girls and I decided to have a girls day. We all met up at my place. "So what are we going to do" Brianna asked. "How about we talk about you and Harry" I told her. We all leaned closer to her. "Fine" she gave in. "He likes you to much." Perrie stated. "You to are going to get together" Eleanor said. We all nodded in agreement. "So what happened to you to in the closet last night" Danielle asked. "We walked in together and we were a little squished." "That cant be to bad" I teased. Brianna ignored my comment. "He told me that I was the most beutiful person he ever saw. He took my hand with one hand and he stroked my hair with the other." "Then what" I almost screamed. "He kissed me and he said he would do this again" She finished. We all sat their like in disbelief. "Thatis to cute" Eleanor said.

"So speaking about kissing, what about you and Niall" Perrie asked me. "What about it." "Did you two ever really kiss. Not those cheek kisses, a real kiss." They all leaned into me. I had to tell them. "No, we never did. But that's OK. I am in no rush and it will happen" I said. They looked at me like I was a preschooler in highschool. "It has to happen, The first real kiss is what sets the realashonship" Danielle told me. "You guys are making me feel worried" I said nervouisly. "Don't, its clear Niall likes you." Brianna said. I nodded in agreement and the girls did to.

"How about we do something you want to do, like shopping!" Brianna knows shopping is not the first thing I would want to do, but it will get my mind off things. Before I could say sure, they all had their purses and jakets. We all walked out side and we decided to walk to the mall. We walk through the doors and they all almost scream. "Let's go here" Brianna screams. I read the poster. "There is a sale on heels lets throw a party" I said sarcasticly. They all ignored my comment and ran to the store. It wasnt that bad, I got a new pair of sneakers. We were walking to star buck when they all stopped.

It looked like they were blocking a magazine rack. "Move" I said sternly. They did like I said. I saw the front page of the magazine. It was me and Niall with a red circle with a line across it. The caption under it said, car crash drving this couple apart. Our poll says that 85% of directioners say he would be better off without him. Most of the 85% say its all her fault.

I almost cry, but I stop myself. I wasnt upset or guilty, ok a I was guilty. But most of all I was mad.I was so angry at everyone. The directioners, the magazine, but most of all myself. I take my bag and run.I can hear the girls running and yelling after me. I pretend I didnt hear them. I run out the door to my place. I dont waste time in the elavator. I run up the stairs. I slam the door shut, I throw my shoes on the floor. I sit on my bed and do the only thing I can do. I cry. I cried like a baby, I let everything out. I had my own little pitty party. I thought about everything that happened. I hate it all. Niall got in a car crash, he got in a fight, people hate me, he needs the wheel chair longer than expected, and it was all my fault. I know only one thing to do.

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