Its all my fault--(One Direction)

When Liz gets her boyfreind, Niall Horan, hurt and in a wheel chair she has to deal with angry fans, her freinds, and herself.


3. It's you again

I woke up at eight o, clock and started my morning routine. My phone rang, I knew who it was before I answerd it. "Hey Niall" I said in a cheerful voice. "Hey" he said just as cheerful. "Whats up." "nothing, I just wanted to know if you wanted to come to the coffie shop. You know, the one on your corner. Eleanor, Danielle, and Perrie are coming to." "Ok, but what about Harry, I dont want him to feel left out" I say. "Ok what about your friend Brianna." "Ok i will give her a call. See you later." "Alright, Bye" He says.

We hang up and I give Brianna a call. "Hey Liz" she almost screams. "Hey, I wanted to know if you wanted to go to the coffie shop" I ask. "Is Niall going?" "Yeah, why" I say a little nervous. "Its not that I dont like him, I feel like a third wheel." "Oh, thats ok the rest of the guys are coming, Eleanor, Danielle, and Perrie are coming to." "Ok I will be there." "Just come by my place." Even though brianna is a girly girl and I am sporty we have been BFF's since the first grade.

We hang up and I get back to brushing my hair. In a couple of minutes there is a knock at the door. Brianna doesnt live to far away, so I knew it was her. I open the door, she comes in all peppy and happy. "I love your outfit" she exclaimes. I was wearing shorts, a crop top, and my sneakers. "thanks I love yours to" I say. "Lets go" she says excited. "Before we go you should know" She started to cut me off. "That you and the rest of one direction got in a car crash, and Niall saved your life and he is in a wheel chair." "Yeah. How did you know" I asked. " Girl you are all over the internet, everyone knows."

She goes on my laptop and goes to google. She starts to type One direction. One direction car crash is the top reccomended. She clicks it. Link after link each one saying I am terrable. "We should go I dont want to make anyone worried" I say. We walkout the door and down the block to the coffie shop.

We walk in and I see our table, everyone is here. Brianna and I start to get online when Niall stops me. I see he got me my fave drink. I sit down next to him and tell him thank you. Brianna walks over to the table. " I see, get your girlfriend coffie. This is why I need a boyfriend to get me coffie. Liz you are paying for my coffie." She finishes her rant as Harry stands up. "I will get you coffie" he walkes over to her and pulls out more than enough money for coffie. They walk to the line together laughing and smiling. Elanor, Danille,Perrie, and I thought it was to cute. The guys on the other hand looked like they were throwing up.

"You didnt have to pay for my coffie" I tell Niall. "I know I didnt have to, I wanted to" he answerd. "Your to sweet" I give him a kiss on the cheek and take sip of my coffie. Brianna and Harry come back. Harry sits down but Brianna pulls me at least twenty feat away from the table. "What, you almost made me spill my coffie" I ask her a little mad. "Your exboyfriend is here." "No, Trevor" I started to freak out. I think Eleanor, Daneille and Perrie saw cause they came over.

"Whats going on" Danielle asked. "Oh, nothing just my ex is here, and he is such a jerk." I almost scream. "Which one is he" Perrie asked. "the one with the dark hair and the front of the counter." "He is sorta cute" Eleanor says. "but he is a jerk"i try to remind everybody. "a cute jerk" danielle corrects "Ok, can we not talk about my cute but a jerk exboyfriend. Guys, hello? Can you pay attention. Girls he hit me!" That made them all shut up. "Allright we wont say anything to the guys or anybody unless we all nodd our heads" Perrie states. We all agree and walk to the table.

"What happened" Niall asked worried. "Nothing I am fine." "Liz I know your not." Sometimes I hate when Niall is right. I look to the girls, they all nodd. "It's nothing my old boyfriend is hear and he was kinda a jerk so I just didnt want their to be any awkwardness." "What do you mean he was a jerk" Niall asked "Nothing it didnt work out and I have no feelings for him." "Liz I belive you dont like him, I know their is something else." "It's nothing." "Liz" He says sternly. "Fine he hit me one day" I blurt out. After I said it i regret it.

"He hit you?" "Yes, we were in a fight and he just did it. I broke up with him after that." I reply. Niall starts to move from the table. "Were are you going" I asked concrned. "I am going to talk to him." "What" I almost scream. He didnt answer I was to late. Trevor started walking to Niall. "Were did she find you, on the street" Trevor snaps. "I dont want to pick a fight, i just want to tell you, you should never hit a girl" Niall says. I try to get out of my chair but Zayn holds me back. "This is his fight" he whisperd. I finally gave up cause I was hurting myself.

"I guess I will hit someone else" Trevor shot back. Trevor clenched his fist, he punched Nial across the face. I got up and Zayn couldnt hold me back. I ran to Niall, the manager was screaming at Trevor "your fired! Get out!" Everyone from our table was surrounding me and Niall, He was awake but I could see he was in pain. We all left the coffie shop and went to my place.

The boys took Niall into the bathroom. He didnt have any scratches on his face. Their was some bleeding inside his mouth and he was starting to develop a bruise on his cheek. I walked into the bathroom. "Hi" I didnt know what to say. The guys walked out and it was just me and Niall in the bathroom. I shut the door, "You probably hate me" I say breaking the silence. "No I dont, I might be in pain but I dont hate you." "I dont get it. "What" he asked. "I got you in a wheel chair, you got punched in the face and I am a clumsy glasses wearing dork. You still dont hate me, any other guy would. I dont want you to, and I am doing none of this on purpose, but, it is all my fault."

"Will you stop saying that, its like you want me to be mad at you." "No, I dont I just feel guilty and I just dont want anything else to happen to you. And I dont know, I am not good at telling people how I feel so I guess that is how I do it." I almost start to cry but he takes my hand. "Now I am sorry. I just got a little fed up with you saying it was your fault." "Please dont say that, lets just go back out." "Yeah, we should go tell the guys what happened." "I dont think we need to." I open the door to show him the rest of the group leaned against the door. "Hey guys" Brianna said. "we were just looking......, for my contact." they all get on their knees and pretend they are looking for something. I start to laugh so hard cause Brianna doesnt have conacts.

We all start to walk to the center of the room. "So what do you want to do" I say. "Oh, lets play truth or dare" Louis almost screams. "Dont you think were a little to old for that" zayn asked. "No" louis protested. "Start then" I tell him. "Harry, truth or dare."I pick dare." "I dare you to pick one girl here and go in the closet." Eleanor, Daneille,Perrie, and I stepped back."I was going to pick Brianna anyways" She stands up and takes his hand. They walk into my closet. I started to shiver and be a little grossed out about what could be going on.

I decided to let it go and enjoy the rest of game. We all goofed around and I have to ask Brianna later about Harry

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