Its all my fault--(One Direction)

When Liz gets her boyfreind, Niall Horan, hurt and in a wheel chair she has to deal with angry fans, her freinds, and herself.


2. It should Have Beeen You!

Back were I started but instead of looking up at Niall, I am seeing him next to me. His leg is in a cast and he looks bruised.


    "Oh, your up" he said with a weak smile. "Yeah, I am." "So how are you feeling" he asked. "Good I guess, you know beside the fact that I am in the hospital for the second time" I reply. "Yeah it must be" He was cut of by a dark haired man walking in the room.


"Miss Elizabeth, Lucky for you your boyfriend here saved you from serious damage." I gave Niall a smile as I sat up. The doctor continues, "You should be able to check out after a couple more tests. Oh, and your friends have a couple of bruises, nothing serious.


   Niall, your heroic act might have saved your girlfriend but it hurt you." "Will I ever be able to walk again" Niall asked nervouisly. "Oh, no you will in time. Till then you will need a wheel chair." The doctor finished my test and went outside to get the nurse. As he left Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Liam walked in. "hey guys" Louis said trying to be cheerful. The doctor was right, they each were a little bruised. I got up and we all walked to Niall. The guys all started to ask him question.


The nursed steped in with the wheel chair, we all backed away. We looked at Niall trying to get up as the nurse hepled in the chair. When he was settled the nurse told us we could all leave once we signed some papers. She tried to make a joke by saying, "Don't take the stairs." I wasnt laughing. Seeing she wasnt wanted hear, she left. "I am sorry" I said breaking the silence. "For what" Niall asked. "If I wasnt in the hospital none of this would have happened. And if I wasnt your girlfriend, we wouldnt be in this mess."Dont say that, it is not your fault. If you said it again I will do something you hate." "Whats that" that I said. "I will push you in the elavator and press all of the buttons" he said "Ok, I wont say it" almost laughing

Niall tried to wheel the chair, but after he crashed into the wall twice I took over. We all went into the elavator. None of us said anything, I was fine with that because I didnt know what to say. We sign some papers again and go outside. "I guess we dont have a car" Louis said trying to lift the mood. We all nodded in agreement. "Hey, why dont we go to my appartment." "Our appartment" Niall corrected. "Yes, our appartment. We can hang out there for awhile. It's not to far." Liam said

We all started walking. I wasn't surprised to see a bunch of fangirls. A blonde girl asked what happened. Niall told her, and she said he was such a sweet heart. No one else heard but as she was walking away, she whispered in my ear "It should have been you."I didnt say anything, mainly because I didnt know what to say. She just walked off like nothing happened. Whatever. "Dont you have to tell Simon" I ask. "We did" Harry answerd. Just then Niall's phone rang. "It's Simon. Hey Simon. we got in a car accident and the car hit the side I was sitting on so I got hurt, and I am in a wheel chair. I understand, I will keep you updated. Bye. "What did he say"I asked. He wanted to know what happened and I told him. I now have to tell everything that happens." "Alright then" I said.

We finally got to the appartment, and sqeezed into the elavator. Niall still held my hand. The blonde girl is right, he is a sweet heart. We all went into the appartment and I wasnt surprised to see the place was neat. Niall likes everything to have a place, I like it like that to. Louis went on the computer while the rest of us talked. "Guys come here" Louis said franticly. We all walked over, I couldnt belive it. Some one had blogged about One Direction and me in the car crash.

"Hey directioners, I have some interesting news. One direction was in a recent car crash along with Niall's girlfriend, Elizabeth. Harry, Louis, Liam, and Zayn came out unharmed. Niall on the other hand is now in a wheel chair. Sources say he was sitting with his girlfriend when the car hit the side of the car he was sitting on. Being heroic Niall shielded his girlfriend, putting himself in harms way. he wrapped his arms around her and he felt his legs in pain. Elizabeth came out unharmed thanks to Niall. I am now questioning if Niall should stay with Elizabeth. I belive it's her fault and he would be better off without her. I will keep you all posted, Bye!"

I felt terrable. Niall had to have seen my face cause he took my hand."Come sit down" he said softly. I followed him and sat down. "look at me" he said in a caring voice. I did, I looked into his blue eyes.The same eyes I feel in love with. "It's not your fault. Those fangirls just want someone to blame. You didnt do this, I did. I chose to do this. I chose to protect you. I did it because I wanted to. Dont ever think it's your fault." The rest of the boys pretended like they werent listening, but i know they were. "I feel like none of this would have happened if I wasnt your girlfriend. Maybe you are better off without me" I say. "Thats were your wrong, I would still protect you if you my girlfriend or not, because I love you. and I would never be better off without you cause all I would do is think about you and I would never forget you. You are perfect for me and you are perfect. you did nothing wrong, Ok." "Ok" I said. He kissed me on the cheek and we joined the other guys.

I spent the rest of the day with Niall, which I love doing. We talked and laughed and he kept telling me I did nothing wrong. But some part of me doesnt belive him, even though i trust him completely. That night I went to sleep thinking of him and everything he said, but one thing was being repeated in my head. It should have been you. Those five words kept going in and out of my head. Some of thinking its true, and another part beliveing everything Niall said.

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