Its all my fault--(One Direction)

When Liz gets her boyfreind, Niall Horan, hurt and in a wheel chair she has to deal with angry fans, her freinds, and herself.


1. I Black out

All I remember is running towards home plate I started to slide, then everything went black. I open my eyes, everything is a blur. I see his blue eyes and bright smile, Niall. "What happened" I manage to say. "you were slideing toward home when the stupid umpire dropped the bat on you. At least you were safe" He said trying to lift my mood. I give a faint smile and the doctor runs some test.

Niall holds my hand and distracts me. The doctor leaves the room and tells us we can leave once we fill some papers out down in the loby. Niall walks out of the room. Out of no where the rest of the guys jump in. "hey guys" I say now sitting up. They all hand me some sort of ballon or candy. "You guys are to amazing." I get up and give them all a hug. "hey what about me" Niall says as he walks in carrying a single rose and and a giant stuffed bear. "You are to sweet." I walk overto him give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

We all squeeze in the elavator and Niall hold my hand. He knows that I have a fear of them. I just never want to be stuck in won. "so how about lunch and a trip to the london eye" Niall suggested. "sure, I am in."I said. "I will drive" Louis offerd.

We filled in some papers and walked out the door. Niall still holding my even though we are off the elavator. Louis gets in the front seat and Liam climbs into the passanger seat. Harry, Niall, and I all squeeze in the back. We start to drive and we turn up the radio. WMYB comes on,we all start singing. The moment seemed perfect. The moment ended faster than it lasted. A car crashed into the me and Niall's side of the car. he raps his arms around me, Sheliding me from the broken glass. We are all screaming, but the only thing hear is Niall screaming. I look down his legs look bloody. I hold on to him like my life depended on it, but it did.

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