She's not afraid


Ever since her mum died Abbi turned emo. When she finds out her mums 'will' says she has to go stay with her uncle Paul for a year, she doesn't expect one drection to come in as part of the trip.

But when she gets to know them and they get to know her, one direction find out never to judge a book by its cover, especially Abbi.
Because when Harry starts to fall for Abbi, will she realise she likes him to or just shut him out like she has done to everyone else in her life.

Will contain strong language;)

Read this movella to find out:)


5. 5.

Abbi's P.O.V

When me and Zayn arrived at the shopping centre we just went into a few shops that I would never go in and looked around for a dress. We were just about to enter another shop when Zayn got a call, "one second it's niall" he said answering his phone.

Once he had finished talking to niall he looked at me it's a worried expression across his face, "just tell me" I sighed, "we'll it turns out there's gonna be more people than we though at the premiere" he replied "so?" I asked frustrated because I didn't see how that mattered, "well your gonna have to wear something a lot more 'fancy' than we though so you won't be able to wear what you usually would" he replied as quickly as possible because he was probably scared of my reaction.

"Your joking right?" I half yelled when I released that people where around, "I'm sorry but it's only for tonight i promise and then tomorrow we can do whatever you want?" he said trying to make a deal with me about it, "fine" I sighed as we walked into the next shop hat was full of dresses and jeans. "What about this?" I said holding up a black netted dress, "no!" He yelled but not in the mean way if that makes sense? So far I'd picked up about 6 dresses but they all got a no, I'm the end I gave up no just decided he would have to choose one "fine then, you fine one!" I said "okay I will!" He replied the wandered of to another rack of dresses.

I just stood there looking at a pair of jeans I liked but I quickly put them down when I saw that they costed over £500 like seriously what normal person could afford a pair of jeans that expensive? Just as I put them down Zayn came back with a dress thrown neatly over his arm, from what I could see it looked grey/black with a bit of silver but I couldn't really see what shape of was. "Go try it on" he said while gently pushing me into the changing rooms, I finally got the dress on after about 10 minutes of struggling with the zip at the back because no way was i asking him to zip it up. I looked at myself in the full length mirror that was on the wall in my chasing room. It wasn't real what I'd go for but at least it wasn't all bright colours and flowers and whatever. I walked out to the main part where Zayn was sitting "so is it okay?" I asked nervously because I really wasn't used to wearing something like this, "you look amazing, really different but in the good way!" He replied.

"Here get changed and I'll go pay for it" he said going to take the dress, "wait how much is it?" I asked trying to find the price tag "don't worry me and the boys agreed to get if for you, think of it as Christmas present" he replied "Zayn it's fuckin November" I told him, "oh well" he said snatching the dress off me and walking towards the tills. I quickly changed back into my clothes and fixed my hair before leaving the changing rooms, I looked around quickly and then spotted him just outside of the shop. He noticed me just as i got to the door and the grabbed my arm and dragged me into another shop, this time the shop was full of shoes and handbags oh great.

"What size shoe are you?" he asked "5" i replied before he walked off again and came back a few minutes later holding a pair of shoes and a handbag that had the same sort of design. "Try these" he said handing me the shoes, I unzipped my XX high converse and put the glittery high heels on.

I walked around a little bit and they were actually surprisingly comfortable, I sat back down on the chair and took them off, "are they okay?" He asked while I put them back in the box, "I suppose well obviously it's not what I'd choose but if it's what I've gotta wear then I guess they're fine" I replied.
Before I could say anything else he picked up the box ad the bag then went to pay, I didn't even know how much any of these costed and I didn't really want to know because the price would probably way to big.


Once we were finally done he took me into one of those beauty salon things, there was no way I was letting anybody touch my hair. He spoke to the women behind the small desk at the front of the shop then pulled me towards a big, black leather chair and told me to sit. I did as he said and a couple of minutes later a woman who looked about 30 came over, Zayn started talking to her and she just nodded then came to me, she started wiping the makeup of my face, she then started to wipe things on my face and put brushes all over it, I was kind of scared about what it would look like after but I suppose she knew what she was doing, when she was done with my face she grabbed a hair brush and some scissors "um do you mind not cutting it" I told her quickly she just nodded and put the scissors back down on the counter top then started to brush through it, I could hear zayn chuckling behind me because of how much she was struggling to brush it.


2 hours later she was finally done with my hair and makeup, but Zayn said I wasn't aloud to see what I looked like until I was dressed as well i didn't see how it really mattered because I probably wasn't going to like it, he payed the women and then dragged me into the shop, by the time we were back it was 6pm considering we left at 4 that was pretty good I suppose.
When we opened the door everyone looked up and gasped, "what?" I asked "you look stunning" harry said and got up they all agreed and Harry walked over to me he poked my cheek "what the hell are you doing?" I asked "just checking you real" he replied laughing, showing his dimples.

I just laughed then went to get ready because Liam said we were leaving at 8pm. It was know 7.30pm but I only had to put my shoes and dress on.
Once I was done I was dressed I looked in the mirror, I looked really, really different but I couldn't decide if it was good different or bad! I was wearing (link in comments) i was just about to grab my bag that matched the shoes when someone knocked on my bedroom door, "come in" I yelled and harry walked In dressed in a black suit with a white shirt. "Wow you look beautiful" he said "I don't know if i like it, but thanks" I replied, "believe me you do" he said before he sat on the end of my bed and watched me while I fixed my hair in the full length mirror. "Is there anything you actually wanted..or?" I asked trying not to seem rude, "umm well everybody is taking somebody to the premier, Louis' taking Eleanor, Zayn's taking Perrie, Liam's taking Danielle and Niall's taking this girl he's been hanging out with alot, so I was uhh wondering...if would go with me?" He asked nervously while scratching the back of his neck, "umm..I guess I will" I replied.

He held his arm out for me and I took if grabbing my bag and putting my phone and a little mirror in it, we walked out into the hall and everyone's mouths dropped, did I look that bad?
Everyone suddenly started saying things to me like:

"you look amazing"
"wow you look different but in a good way"
"Wow Abbie you look beautiful"

I started blushing and tried to hide my face, but it didn't really work, we all got into the limo and started to drive to the premier I didn't even know what it was for.
"What movie is the premier for?" I whispered in Harry's ear so as no one else could hear me because I expect Niall or zayn had already told me but I'd zoned out.
"Twilight, breaking dawn or something?" He replied, "what!" I whisper-screamed, that meant people like Robert Pattinson would be there.
"Don't worry it'll be fine just stay close to me" Harry whispered in my ear as f he read my thoughts. I just hope everything goes smoothly...

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