She's not afraid


Ever since her mum died Abbi turned emo. When she finds out her mums 'will' says she has to go stay with her uncle Paul for a year, she doesn't expect one drection to come in as part of the trip.

But when she gets to know them and they get to know her, one direction find out never to judge a book by its cover, especially Abbi.
Because when Harry starts to fall for Abbi, will she realise she likes him to or just shut him out like she has done to everyone else in her life.

Will contain strong language;)

Read this movella to find out:)


4. 4.

Abbi's P.O.V

I was being dragged down an alley it was pitch black outside except for one street light that was shining at the end of the alley, "w..wh..where are you taking me?" I asked with tears running down my face. But he didn't reply he just stopped me pushed me against the rough wall of the alley. I started to scream but the man just grinned evilly at me. I kept screaming but nobody came.

I sat up, it was just a nightmare but then I remembered that a few hours ago it was reality, I continued to cry while someone wrapped there arm around my waist. I looked to see Harry there he tried to reassure me that everything was gonna be okay. "It's okay Abbi shh go back to sleep I'm right here" he said softly.
He sat up leaning against the wall and I fell asleep with my head in his lap with him stroking my head.

I woke up and looked up to see Harry smiling down at me still stroking my hair, "Harry have you been awake since I woke up from my nightmare?" I asked "yeah I wanted to make sure you got some sleep" he replied, "you didn't have to do that, but thank you" I said. That was seriously the cutest thing anyone's ever done to me.

~ 2 weeks later ~

Over the last two weeks the boys have been amazing, don't get me wrong I still hate their music and I still dress the same and everything I'm pretty much the same except for 2 things.
The first thing being I got freakin raped. The second being the these boys have helped me through it they've all been there for me even when I treated them like shit in the start.

I haven't got completely comfortable around them there's still times when I snap at them for getting on my nerves but they've helped me, a lot.

Today we were in a new city, I was just finishing back combing my hair when Niall came bursting through the door, "ABBI" he screamed "woah Niall what the fuck do you want I could of been freakin naked or something" I yelled back. "Sorry, and you weren't so it doesn't matter but anyway I have news and I don't think your gonna like it" he said at a normal volume this time.

"Great! What's the news then?" I asked curiously, "well all of us have been invited to a film premier thing and you have to come" he replied "well that's not great but it's no what I'd call bad news" I said "yeah but management said that you have to wear something...well...they said you have to wear something that's not emo-ish" he said then sighing, "what the fuck, that's what I wear that's who I am!" I yelled "I know I know and we couldn't care less if you were something like that but it's management and it's only for one night, pweaseee?" He begged
"Fine but only for this night, and this night ONLY" I sighed giving in because I knew in the end I'd have to anyway.

The only problem was I didn't have anything to wear, and even if I went shopping I'd end up picking something like I usually wear, "Niall I have nothing to wear that's 'suitable' for the premier"" I replied in frustration that they were even making me do this. "That's why Zayn's taking you shopping" he replied simply "Zayn?" I asked surprised, "yep" he replied.
Well this should be interesting…

A/N ~ sorry it's not the most interesting chapter but I also updated 'The Chase' today so yeah but it will be getting much more exciting and interesting, please leave me some feedback, and please tell me of you would like something to happen because I will try and include it:) thanks guis!:)xxxxxx
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