She's not afraid


Ever since her mum died Abbi turned emo. When she finds out her mums 'will' says she has to go stay with her uncle Paul for a year, she doesn't expect one drection to come in as part of the trip.

But when she gets to know them and they get to know her, one direction find out never to judge a book by its cover, especially Abbi.
Because when Harry starts to fall for Abbi, will she realise she likes him to or just shut him out like she has done to everyone else in her life.

Will contain strong language;)

Read this movella to find out:)


2. 2.

Abbi's P.O.V

Harry had been staring at me the whole ride here, like seriously what is his problem? Was there something wrong with him? I'm just a girl! Anyway when we got to our hotel Paul told us that we all had to share rooms and that he would have his own smaller room down the hall.

I got put with Zayn. Honestly I wanted my own room but at least it wasn't with that Louis kid, who seemed extremely hyper, Zayn seemed a bit more calm so maybe he wouldn't bug me.

Today we were told we to just stay in the hotel and relax. There was a little dressing table in our room so I out my makeup on that, if anyone moved It I swear I was going to kill them.

I took a quick shower and then when I was done i put on some black sweats pants and a old concert T-shirt and threw my hair up into a messy bun. I wasn't planning to come out of my room today so I didn't care what I looked like seems as nobody would see me.

I think the others went out for an interview or something like that so I just sat in my room and watched tv, I was really tired for some reason and felt myself starting to fall asleep in the middle of fresh prince.

Harry's P.O.V

we had an interview today but it was a short one so we would be back around 1, I think we forgot to tell Abbi that but I don't think it matters.

When we got back to our hotel room I think Abbi was still in her room, I went to sit down and watch tv with the rest of the boys but just as I went to flop on the couch I had to get straight back up because Liam told me to go and get Abbi because we were going out for lunch.

I walked down the hall to her and Zayn's room, because everyone had to share.
I knocked lightly on the door but there was no answer, I knocked again and still no one answered so I quietly entered her room to find her asleep on her bed with fresh prince playing on the tv in the background.

I walked over to her and lightly shook her shoulders, as I did I noticed she looked different, very different actually. She wasn't wearing any makeup? Wow she actually looked so different yet she was still so beautiful.

Eventually she woke up and when she did she quickly pulled the covers up over her head, "what do you want? And fuck off I was sleeping" she yelled, I chucked lightly then grabbed her feet pulling her out of bed. "What the actual fuck!" She yelled, "then get up and get ready we're leaving in 20" I yelled walking out of her bedroom.

Around 20 minutes later she came out looking like she did the first time we saw her, dark eyes, big hair. But she still looked amazing, okay Harry you can't fall for know what happened last time you tried to date someone who hated you! But there was just something about her, she was different but good different.

When I was finished mentally arguing myself I realised we were all ready to go, we all got into the car and started to drive to a restaurant for some lunch. "So where do you wanna go guys?" Louis asked as he was driving "NANDOS!" Niall screamed "shut up" Abbi screamed back as we all laughed.

In the end after Niall explaining Nando's to Abbi we decided to go there.
Once we were all seated we ordered then started talking,

Louis ~ so Abbi what kind of music do you like?
Abbie ~ well..It depends but my favourite is Ed Sheeran
Niall ~ really?
Abbi ~ yeah what's wrong with that?
Niall ~ nothing he's one of our favourites so it's just I expected it to be like..I don't know...rock music?
Abbi ~ okay?

We continued to talk for a bit before our food came which caused us all to stop talking and eat...
I kept thinking about Abbi and just everything about her, no matter how hard it tried to push it to the back of my mind I just couldn't...

A/N ~ do you guys like the longer chapters or would you like them shorter? Anyways tell moi what you think, if you think theirs something I could improve or you want something specific to happen then please comment because I will try and improve it or include the thing you would like... Remember to read my two over movellas 'the chase' and 'its complicated'

Thanks guis:')
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