She's not afraid


Ever since her mum died Abbi turned emo. When she finds out her mums 'will' says she has to go stay with her uncle Paul for a year, she doesn't expect one drection to come in as part of the trip.

But when she gets to know them and they get to know her, one direction find out never to judge a book by its cover, especially Abbi.
Because when Harry starts to fall for Abbi, will she realise she likes him to or just shut him out like she has done to everyone else in her life.

Will contain strong language;)

Read this movella to find out:)


11. 11.

Abbi's P.O.V

We quickly jumped back and hopped into the large car, as Niall tried to drive through the crowd of paparazzi being careful not to run any over.

After an hour and twenty minutes of trying to drive through hundreds of paparazzi and being followed by them we finally arrived back at the hotel only to be greeted by no screaming fans and men with cameras. Oh how wonderful, please note my sarcasm. We quickly got out of the car and began to make our way towards the hotel doors. And with the help of Niall pulling me along and a few security guard's we finally made it into the lobby and made our way to our rooms.

When we were outside mine and Harry's room i thanked Niall and hugged him goodbye before entering my I was met with an extremely angry looking curly haired boy. "What is this?" He asked grabbing my arm and dragging ,e over to the bed pointing at his laptop.

I scrolled to the top of the Gossip page, in big bold letters at the top it read 'NIALLS NEW GIRL' and the picture from earlier when we accidentally 'kissed' if you would even call it that cause personally I wouldn't.

I scrolled down and began reading the article that was below it.

'Now its no secret that Abbi Brown (niece of Paul Higgins)is touring with the worlds biggest boy-band.
But what you probably didn't know is that the two are certainly more than friends. The couple were spotted shopping together earlier in Manchester.

As you probably also know Abbi is what most people would class as 'Emo' but when leaving the shopping centre with Niall she looked completely different with her hair in large curls and green highlights a complete change from the usual 'scene hair'.

But that's not all that happened on they're day out I together, at the end of the day right before the couple got into Niall's new black range river the couple shared a kiss. what do you think about Niall's new relationship? Leave your comments below.

"You knew I liked you then you go and kiss him, yet you said you weren't ready for a relationship as well?" He yelled slamming his laptop shut.

"Look if you actually gave me a second to speak and let me explain you'd understand!" I yelled back just as loudly, but before either one of us could shout something else, the door opened toe reveal Niall and Louis with shocked looks on their faces.

One thing (lol) was for sure this wasn't going to end well...
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