She's not afraid


Ever since her mum died Abbi turned emo. When she finds out her mums 'will' says she has to go stay with her uncle Paul for a year, she doesn't expect one drection to come in as part of the trip.

But when she gets to know them and they get to know her, one direction find out never to judge a book by its cover, especially Abbi.
Because when Harry starts to fall for Abbi, will she realise she likes him to or just shut him out like she has done to everyone else in her life.

Will contain strong language;)

Read this movella to find out:)


10. 10.

Abbi's P.O.V

I slowly opened my eyes blinking a few times waiting for my eyes to adjust to the bright light shining through the hotel rooms blinds. I stumbled sleepily to the bathroom grabbing a towel on the way. Just as I turned around to shut the bathroom door I spotted a certain curly haired boy spread out across the end of my bed lightly snoring. I started thinking about all the events that went on last night from harry basically saving my life to him staying up to almost midnight talking about everything with me. I smiled to myself before closing the bathroom door and locking it, I didn't bother grabbing any clothes because I figured he'd still be asleep and I could dry my hair and do my makeup in the bathroom then come and grab my clothes quickly. I check the door was locked just incase then hopped into the shower.

Once I was finished I pulled my wet hair up into a high ponytail and applied my usual makeup, I brushed the mascara over my lashes one more time before placing the tube back on the counter next to the sink. I blow dried my hair and did the usual with it to, I was actually thinking about changing it because I've had the same style for over 3 years. I think the boys had an interview this morning so maybe I could go just to look in an hour. After I'd pulled myself away from my thoughts I wrapped my towel securely around me and opened the bathroom door slightly peering out into the bedroom to see if Harry was asleep, he was led the same as he was earlier so I assumed he was.

I tip-toed out and walked to my wardrobe and grabbed what I wanted to wear before running back to the bathroom, I locked the door and quickly got dressed chucking the pyjamas I was wearing earlier into the basket full of clothes that needed to be washed. I walked back out in (link in comments) and sat on the edge of the bed Lacing up my dark red dr.martens.

"that towel really suited you" a raspy voice said from behind me laughter filling his voice.

"What the fuck I thought you were asleep!" I yelled causing him to laugh even more.

"I was to start with but I woke up while you were going through your wardrobe" he replied

"Your just lucky I had a towel on" I mumbled standing up and fixing my hair in the dressing table mirror before grabbing my bag off the floor.

"I think you mean unlucky" he replied a dimpled smile plastered over his face.

I rolled my eyes placing my phone and purse in my bag, "where are you going?" He asked standing up from his previous place on the edge of the bed.

"I'm going shopping I thought you guys had an interview this morning?"

"It's not till 4, I have to sort some..things out but take one of the boys with you I don't want you going on your own"

"I don't need someone to come with me I'm fine on my own!" I replied making my way towards our hotel room door

"To late Niall's already on his way downstairs to take you" he yelled as the door shut behind me.

As soon as I reached the lobby I saw Niall sat on one of the sofas typing on his phone, I figured I could maybe sneak past him and get a taxi but as soon as I was about to walk past him he stood up slipping his phone back into his pocket "Shall we go?" He asked. "Sure" I sighed as we walked towards his black range rover that was parked outside.

Once we arrived at the huge shipping centre I pulled Niall straight into the hair salon we went to where I got my hair done for the premier we went to a few days ago.
It was pretty busy in their and the women at the desk said it would be at least an hour before she could do my hair. I walked back over to Niall who was sat on the small couch on the corner of the shop.

"They said its gonna be at least an hour" I sighed sitting down next to him, he didn't reply though he just stood up and walked over to the desk then said something to the same women I previously spoke to. "Abbi come here" he spoke loudly across the salon. I wandered curiously over to him before the lady took my hand and pulled me to a big black chair in the corner of the salon. Once again Niall didn't say anything he just nodded and went to sat in his previous place.

"Now what would you like sweetheart?" She asked combing through my hair struggling as she did before when I came with Zayn. "Um I was thinking maybe if you cut a little off and then could you make like permanent curls but big ones so there not tiny ringlets?" I asked

"sure sweetie is that all?"

"Maybe a few highlights like blue or-" before I could continue she cut me off but not in a particularly rude way

"How about a nice green? Now I know this might sound a little strange but I guarantee it will look beautiful" she spoke softly

"Umm sure go for it" I said before relaxing back into the chair.


2 long hours later my hair was done, I don't really know why I decided to change it after so many years if having it the same but I guess I just needed a change after everything that had happened in just under 4 weeks. (The picture of the hair is in the link with the outfit) "Oh my god" I whispered to myself,
I quickly payed the women then walked back over to Niall who was flicking through the pages of a magazine. "Lets go" I yelled maybe a little to loudly and pulled him from his chair, "okay where are we going n- woah your hair it's so...different" he replied playing with one of the green highlights.

We walked aimlessly round the shopping centre before I spotted a shop in the corner of the floor we were on. "Cmon cmon quick lets to look in here" Which i once again yelled for the millionth time today before he could protest I dragged him into the piercing shop Niall laughing loudly behind me. "How much does it cost to get this done?" I asked the man with numerous piercing a and tattoos who was stood behind the counter. "Eyebrow piercings are fifteen love" he replied going back to sorting through a box of ear stretchers.

"Can I get it done?" I asked the man again, he nodded before telling us he would go find a paper I had to sign showing I was over 18. "Are you sure you don't wanna check with Paul first?" Niall asked concern filling his voice, "it'll be fine, chill" I said trying to persuade him it was okay. "If you say so but if Paul kills me it's on your conscience" he warned as I signed the paper the man had just bought out.


"Fuck!" I yelled as the eyebrow bar was pushed through, I kept wincing in pain as the man continued to tell me about what I needed to do with it. "That'll be $15 then please love" he said putting everything away, I rummaged through my purse and went to pull the money out before niall smacked my hand away paying for it instead.

"Thank you, but You didn't have to do that" I spoke mumbling the last bit as we put all of the bags into the back of Niall's range rover.
"It's fine really" he replied shooting me a smile

"I have to pay you back somehow though"

"Seriously it's fine" he said again

I stood on my tip-toes and went to hug him, his arms wrapped around my waist and mine wrapped around his in a friendly hug, I went to kiss his cheek but at the exact same time he turned his head obviously not expecting my actions. Our lips slightly brushed but as I jumped down millions of flashes went off in front of us...

A/N ~ sorry it's kind of a crappy chapter the next one will have a lot more drama in though I promise, please save your feedback below:)x
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