Love = War

Clarice lives in Roseville Virginia. Roseville is also the location of Gallagher Acadmey for Exceptional Young Women. The one thing that Clarice does not know it the secret behind their gates. This school is a training facility for spies. The story starts with her tour of the campus where her life will be changed forever.


5. Torture (Clarice)


Ok, was she crazy? Did she really expect me to get plastic surgery?  This is not happening!!!

When Macey said “Go sit”, it sounded like she meant it. So I slowly sat down in the beauty chair of horrors. When I was about 2 feet from the seat of the chair, I jumped up and spun around I then rushed Macey who was examining a row of bottles. I meant to tackle her, and then run out of the building, but Macey simply sidestepped, and I went tumbling into the wall. She then grabbed me by my shirt, and dragged me back to her salon chair. When I sat metal restraints came out. Macey attached them to my hands and my ankles. “I told you that this was mandatory. Did you think you could get out of it?” Macey chastised. Now we are going to get started. I have security outside. And let me tell you something, you have never seen spy security guards. They are not ones to be messed with.”

I stayed quiet. I was not really sure what to say. But let me tell you something, the next two hours were torture. I was plucked by wax and professional tweezers. There was also a bunch of different things that were put in my hair and it started to change color. Also there were some machines, but I was more worried about the plastic surgery that was coming in a couple of minutes. I decided that I would try and change Macey’s mind.

“Macey, I really don’t think that you need to change my looks any more. I mean you have done such a good job with my hair that I do not think that anyone would ever recognize me anyway.” Ok, I might have overdone it just a little bit, but I had to make sure that this would NOT happen.

“I guess we could take out the plastic surgery, but I will still have to change your eye color as a last precaution. This will require some minor amnestic.” She then went about in making sure that everything was ready. It took little preparation because I would only be out for about 30 minutes. I felt a small pinch in my arm, and I slowly slipped in to oblivion. The last thing I remember is seeing Macey loom over me with a doctor’s lab coat on. 

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