Love = War

Clarice lives in Roseville Virginia. Roseville is also the location of Gallagher Acadmey for Exceptional Young Women. The one thing that Clarice does not know it the secret behind their gates. This school is a training facility for spies. The story starts with her tour of the campus where her life will be changed forever.


6. The start of a new school (Clarice)


I woke up a little woozy, but it was not too bad. After a while I sat up and took it my surrondings. I was in a room that was dominated by pink and blue. It looked like a teenager wonderland.

“Hi Clarice. I hope you slept well. You have your first class in 2 hours, and you have a lot to do.” I looked over and there was Cammie sitting on a bed that was covered in a bright pink comforter. She was wearing a white blazer with a blue tie and a plaid skirt. She looked like a typical school girl.

“Wait what do I have to do?”

“First we have to get you fitted into a uniform. And then find your classes. Then get you ready for your first day of classes. They will be quite a shock.”


“You’ll see. Come on lets go get your uniform and schedule.” We left and went dowm to the office. It was in the front of the school, and a nice looking old lady sat there at the front desk.

“Hi Macey! Who is your friend here?” the little old lady asked.

“Oh this is Clarice, she is our new roommate.”

“Well it is nice to meet you Clarice. I am Mrs. Connel Did you girls come for your schedule?”

“Yes ma’am.” I replied.

“Here you go dear.” She handed me a paper that had my classes on it. Most of my classes were not ones that you would find in a normal high school. They were P and E, covert operations, espinoge, history of espinoge, bomb making, and self-defense.

“Thank you Mrs. Connel. Ok, now lets get you a uniform.”

After we got that I went to my first class. Today it was P and E. I normally like PE but I dout that this would be like badmitten and dodgeball. I took a big gulp and walked in to the gym. 

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