Love = War

Clarice lives in Roseville Virginia. Roseville is also the location of Gallagher Acadmey for Exceptional Young Women. The one thing that Clarice does not know it the secret behind their gates. This school is a training facility for spies. The story starts with her tour of the campus where her life will be changed forever.


4. The Start of a Makeover (Macey)


“Ms. Morgan, the salon is prepped.” I said.

“Good. I want her hair colored, eye color changed, and skin tanned just a little. She must be unrecognizable in Roseville. She is still in the infirmary, so you can go and get her. Make sure she is in my office at 6 p.m. I have a lot to discuss with her.”

“Yes Ma’am.”  On that I turned on her heel and headed to the salon.


I walked in to the infirmary. Since it was the weekend I was in skinny jeans and a pink blouse with my hair curled and some light makeup. I was with Zach when Cammie, my best friend, saw him during Clarice’s tour. I saw Clarice run into a wall. That was one sight to see.

I went and sat by Clarice. Clarice’s eyes started to flutter open. She looked confused. “Where am I?”

“You are in the infirmary. But you have things to do so get up, and lets go.” Yes I know I was being harsh, but I only had three hours to make her look completely different. So I kinda had to hurry. Clarice got out of her bed and followed me to the salon. Since I was not sure how she would take it, I did not tell her where we were going. We just walked side by side while we headed to my personal salon.

“Where are we going?” Clarice asked.

“We are going to my salon on the 3rd floor. Ms. Morgan gave me it for my senior year.”

“Why am I going to your salon?” Clarice replied.

“Don’t be so nieve. You are getting a makeover so that no one from Roseville will ever recognize you. Since you are not the ordinary student we accept.”

“I am not ordinary?”

“No, not really.”

“Wait, why?”

“Cause you are not from a spy family.”

“Did you just say spy?”

“Yes, I did.”


“Ok, end of that. We are here.” I opened the door and walked in with Clarice right behind me. Clarice gasped.

“Ok now go sit here” I told Clarice.

“Ok, but what are you going to do?” Clarice asked.

“Well we have to dye your hair and wax and color your eyes, and do a little bit of plastic surgery. So just go sit down. We only have three hours to do this.”

“No, nononononono I am not having my hair dyed and I am not having plastic surgery.”

“Yes, you are” I annunciated every word, so she would get the point.”  “It is because you must be unrecognizable to the outside world. Most of us don’t have to get this done because they live all around the states, but you you live in Roseville. We do a lot of things there and all of your friends live there. Nobody in the outside world is to know you are here, not even your parents. Now sit.” I pointed to the chair.

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