Love = War

Clarice lives in Roseville Virginia. Roseville is also the location of Gallagher Acadmey for Exceptional Young Women. The one thing that Clarice does not know it the secret behind their gates. This school is a training facility for spies. The story starts with her tour of the campus where her life will be changed forever.


2. I wake up in a hospital (Clarice)

 I have a feeling of being in a soft bed. I am not sure how this could be because the last thing I can remember is seeing my tour guide kiss this guy, and then the world went black. 

I tried to open my eyes, but the light was blinding. I tried to sit up, but I felt a sudden wave of nausea. Then there was a soft voice "Just lay still for a couple of minutes." 

After a couple of minutes I sat up, and was completely confused. "Where... Where am I? " 

“It is ok. You are in the hospital at Gallagher Academy.” The nurse had a school uniform on which was kind of weird. She had such a soothing voice it was hard not to believe her.

I was still nauseated, but  I sat up. “How long was I out?”

“About two days.”

“What?!” Then right after that I felt a slight pinch in my arm, and I gently went back to sleep. 

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