Love = War

Clarice lives in Roseville Virginia. Roseville is also the location of Gallagher Acadmey for Exceptional Young Women. The one thing that Clarice does not know it the secret behind their gates. This school is a training facility for spies. The story starts with her tour of the campus where her life will be changed forever.


1. I run into a wall (Clarice)

When the headmistress (Ms. Morgan) finished talking about the history of the school, she gestured toward two girls who were standing to the right of the desk. "This is Cameron Morgan and Rebecca Baxter. They will be showing you around today." The two girls stepped forward and shook my hand. 

"Hi Clarice. And you can call me Cammie."

"Hello. And you can call me Bex." After that we walked out of the headmistress office. The girls walked on my right and left. They kept on sprouting off facts and statistics about the school. It was actually kind of interesting.

Right when we got to the library, there was a guy who was walking out . I was instantly in love. He was muscular. He was also handsome. He had dark brown and gelled back brown hair. Cammie ran forward and gave him a kiss. The one thing that I found a little off was that he went to "The Gallagher Academy For Exceptional Young Women". As far as I know he is not a girl. 

I kept on walking. I was walking toward my new crush and my tour guide. Then I ran in to a wall. The world came tumbling down then it went black. 

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