Silent Beauty

Scarlett is in the middle of a family fewd. Scarlett hasn't talked for as long as she can remember and doesn't want to. But at the age of 13 she is expected to help her mum and dad win the fewd. Unwilling to she runs away. But what will she do when it feels like the world is against her? And will she find her voice when she needs it most of all?


1. Prologue

Scarlett looked at her mother. She stood firm. " Scarlett stop this nonsense," her mother said," you will help and you know it!" Scarlett shook her head. She wouldn't help her family win the feud against her uncle's family. "Fine then!" Screamed her mother, "I you don't feel like helping your own family go to your room!" Scarlett went to her room, she didn't complain. She never complained, she never talked, she hadn't talked for as long as she could remember.

Scarlett stared out the window. She wasn't allowed to go outside her mother had always protective of her and her brother. She saw a bird gliding through the sky. Scarlett sighed. How she wanted to join it up there, free, able to go where ever it wanted. Her mother was strict, and protective, Scarlett wasn't even allowed to go to school. She knew how to spell her name and count to 17 but that was it!

Her room consisted of a bed, a set of draws and a bed side table. Although her mother was protective she wasn't generous. The most she ever got for her birthday was a pair of socks. So Scarlett didn't own much. Scarlett just wanted her life to change.
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