Justin Bieber - Wanted for the murder of seventeen year old Alison Dilaurentis

"Your parents would most likely ask you to stay away from me."

The desire to kill has never been bigger before.

It's a game of killing or being killed, hunting or being hunted, wanting or being WANTED.


2. "You're one helluva confusing guy"


Katie's POV.

"Hi im Katie" I introduced myself to the principal.

"Hello Katie" She smiled as she shook my hand. "This is Claire, she'll be helping you around school today and tomorrow."

"Hey" I smiled over at the blond girl. Her wavy hair was curled at the ends, she kind looked like a hotter version of me. I mean, i guess she was a little taller and had green eyes but atleast her hair was similar.

"Now you don't have to worry about getting lost" Claire giggled.

"Thank god for that, you're a life saver" I smiled as the principal left us in front of the entrance.

"So, Katie where are you from?" Claire eagerly started a conversation as we walked through the door.

"New York"

"Oh i see, big city girl." She laughed. "Well, i hope you'll feel somewhat pleased in our little town, i mean there's NO hot boys but... We survive." I giggled.

"Im sure i will." I smiled as Claire showed me my new locker.

"I suggest you take your bag and anything of importance with you" Claire said.

"Don't worry, im used to that shit." I laughed as i put some empty notepads in my locker.

"So what class do you have now?" Claire asked and i looked down at the schedule that the principal had handed to me.

"English." I sigh, English not being one of my favorite subjects.

"Me too" Claire smiled softly. "Follow me" She motioned as she skipped across the hall, her heels clicking against the stone cold floor.

There wasn't a lot of people in school, either everyone in this place skipped school or there wasn't actually living more people here.

"Hey im Katie" I introduced myself to the English teacher when we'd reached the classroom

"It's nice to meet you Katie." She gave me a warm smile. "How about you sit down over there." She motioned for me towards a seat in the far back, to the far right.

I turned around and saw a familiar face.

Shit I sigh to myself as i saw the familiar boy. First of all, i didn't even think Mr., mood swings went to school, he seemed to badass for that and second of all, i really didn't feel like handling him now.

I slowly made my way past the students in the class towards my seat. I sat down trying to make as little sound as possible when i bent down to find my pencil in the bag.

"Hello Katie" Justin leaned in with a smirk as he looked down on me.

"Hi" I said ignoring his flirty self and continued to dig for my pencil.

"Surprised to see me?" His voice spoke softly but his words had other intentions, getting laid, probably.

I sigh. I found the pencil in my bag and looked over at Justin on my left side.

"I thought badass bitchez like you cut school." I mumbled, hoping that i wouldn't get in trouble first day of school.

"Looks can be deceiving." Justin wiggled his eyebrows.

"Personality can't." I smirked turning to face the teacher and scribbling down some notes while waiting for Justin to answer my comment.

"I still like that about you." Justin whispered.

"What?" I mumbled while continuing to write down some notes.

"Your attitude. It's hot." Justin answered while leaning closer to my seat, resting his elbow on my table.

"Well, yours is a fucking mess." I replied snarky.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Justin snapped.

"See." I referred towards his sudden mood swing.

"Whatever." Justin leaned back in his seat.

I sigh as i tried to pay attention to the teacher who was talking about some romance Shakespeare stuff.

What's his problem? I thought myself.




After another period, science. Claire took me to the cafeteria.

"So, seen anything you like yet?" Claire asked giggly.

"What do you mean?" I gave her a strange look.

"Im talking about boys, duuuh." Claire chuckled at my stupidity.

"Err, i haven't really paid any attention to them yet." I laughed as we entered the cafeteria.

"Hey..." I asked her.

"Yeah?" She gave me a confused look as we grabbed our meal.

"What do you know about Justin Bieber?" I said as we sat down on the edge of a long table. The cafeteria looked like a scene taken out of high school musical. It had all there different "groups" and everyone had their own table in the large white room.

"I know enough to say he's trouble."

"Trouble?" I looked questioning at her.

Claire didn't get the time to answer before Justin himself walked up to me.

"Scram" Justin motioned for Claire to move.

"No way?!" She said refusing to move from her chair.

"Don't make me move you myself..." Justin stood patiently waiting for her to remove her ass from the chair.

Claire sigh and removed herself from the chair.

"What the hell?" I spat as Justin sat down on opposite to me. "That was uncalled for?"

"No i wasn't." Justin spoke monotonously.

"Dude what's your problem?" I gazed into his dark brown eyes as he stared back at me impressed that I'd given him an attitude. Seems like this kid wasn't used to that.

"Im fine thanks for asking." His lips forming a smirk as he spit the words our with sarcasm.

"Mind telling me what the fuck you came here for?" I gave him an annoyed look.


"Me?" I asked questioningly.

"Yeah... You" Justin stared at me as if i was stupid.


"I wanted to ask you out." Justin snorted as if i already knew why.

"Err, why?" I asked suspiciously.

"Cause... You're hot." Justin laughed. "Why would a guy ask a girl out otherwise?"

"You're one helluva confusing guy you know that?" I sigh as i thought about his question. Claire told me he was trouble and i didn't doubt it. The way he'd punched that guy in the bar definitely wasn't some one in a life time shit... He knew what he was doing.

"Why would you say that?" Justin asked confused as he grabbed a French fry from my plate.

"HEY" I yelled smacking his hand. "Those are mine, get your own damn fries."

"You didn't answer my question." Justin raised his eyebrows as he dropped the fry to the table.

"Well... For starters your crazy as mood swings aren't exactly a walk in the park." I said while shoving some fries into my mouth.

"You aren't exactly a walk in the park either. More like a pain in the ass." Justin countered.

"What the hell have i done to you?" I asked confused why he would accuse me for being annoying when it was him switching moods every 5th second.

"I can't figure you out." Justin laughed.

"Don't turn this into some damn Twilight bullshit..." I snapped at him. He seemed surprised and somewhat amused. "You feed on my bad mood dontcha?" I sigh.

"I find it sexy as fuck." Justin smirked as he leaned back in his chair, spreading out his legs under the table.

"Are your pants on to tight or something?" I said as i took a bite of my burger.

"No why?"

"It's called sarcasm buddy, they're halfway down your ass."

I couldn't figure Justin out and it bothered me, why was he so moody, it was annoying as fuck. Usually guys just tell you to either fuck off or that they want you in their bed. Justin sorta did both at the same time.

"You know..." Justin said as he sat up straight, putting his elbows on the table and leaning closer to my face. "If you wanna make it here... you should stay on my nice side." Justin smirked.

"Why is that?" I raised my eyebrows in unison and cocked my head to the side.

"Cause i run this town..." Justin answered.


"Get on my bad side and you'll see what happens." He grinned as he stood up leaving the table.

"What did he want?" Claire asked as she returned to the table.

"I don't know... He's fucking messing with my head." I sigh as she sat down to retrieve her meal.

"Well don't fall for it... He's trouble." Claire repeated herself from earlier.

"How do you know that?" I asked.

"Everyone knows that..." Claire laughed.

I didn't understand what she meant by that but... oh well.




Justin's POV.

It was fun messing with that poor girl's head. Usually i just like a good fuck, but it was amusing to see her get pissed. Amusing and sexy.

"Hey guys." I smirked as i walked up to my crew.

"Sup Bieber?" Ryan spoke.

"Nothing much..." I said as they followed me down the hall.

"So where are we heading?" Chaz asked as i walked out of the school.

"You didn't really think id stay in school did ya?" I turned around to see his reaction.

"So, what plans do you have?" Chaz asked excitedly.

"I figured we'd pay Jake a little visit after the stunt he pulled at the bar... Now i can imagine Katie isn't too happy about that and neither am i." I smiled viciously.

We all jumped into my black range rover as we headed out of town towards a much too familiar house.

I knocked on the wooden door and waited for it to slid open.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Jake spoke, his voice harsh as he venomously spat his words at me.

"Now now..." I grinned at him. "No reason to get mad... We both know i can take you down in a couple of seconds so don't try any funny shit with me Dilaurentis."

Chaz and Ryan nodded behind my back.

Jake opened his mouth to say something but i stopped him.

"You know very well that that bar fight was uncalled for and as much as I'd like to kill you right here and now and burry you like i did to your sister im not going to..." I threatened him with amusement. The look on his face was priceless as he closed his mouth in fear.

"There's no need for you to start commotion and if i find out that i have the cops chasing my ass down again, ill make sure to chase down your ass first. Got it?" I spat at him.

Jake nodded in fear as trembled in the door opening.

"Good. If you plan to take me down or have me arrested then too bad, cause you're going down with me." I laughed. "It was nice seeing you again though."

I turned my heels and walked away.

"No boys..." I smirked at Chaz and Ryan. "I do believe i have to care of something else." I said as i jumped into the car heading back towards the school.

"So..." Chaz spoke in a teasing manner. "You got a thing for that chick or what?" He laughed.

"What?" I said not paying attention to his useless blabbering.

"That Katie girl..."

"Oh... She's hot as hell." I smirked at the thought of her shorts hugging tight ass and her blond curls swirling down her back.

"Mm, i see." Chaz and Ryan both said in unison with a grin.

"I don't know though... She seems to much of a goodie."

"What makes you think that?" Ryan asked.

"She didn't pay any attention to me during the entire English class, she was to busy taking notes." I explained to him.


"Yup" I said popping the P. "It's not like im into nerds..."

"Well... isn't she a hot nerd?" Chaz asked.

"Still though" I chuckled.

Pulling up to the schools parking lot i killed the engine and stepped out in the cold. Moving my feet over the mowed lawn i made my way towards the front entrance.

I stopped as i heard someone's voice.

"Well, i just gotta swing by my locker." Katie called. She was probably talking to that wannabe cheerleader Claire.

As she stepped around the corner i made sure i caught her and pulled her into my arms.

"What the hell" She shrieked.

"So..." I whispered into her ear seductively.

"What do you want Bieber?" She hissed as i lifted her tiny little body of the ground.

"I never got an answer." I smirked as he pulled her body closer to me. She started kicking trying to get away from my grip.

It was quite satisfying to see her kick those sexy little legs but getting nowhere out of my grip.

"Answer?" She asked. "For what?!"

"For that little date i wanted to take you on." I explain.

"Let me down will ya?" She ignored my previous statement.

"Are you gonna answer or what?" I murmured sexily into her ear, her movements stopped and i knew that i had her exactly where i wanted her.

"How about... I don't know." She spoke. "Now let me down."

I chuckled. "No... How about..." I smirked pretending to think. "Yes"

"You're not used to being rejected are ya?" Katie groaned as i refused to let her down.

"Not by sexy girls like you... No" I whispered lightly into her right ear.

I wanted her fucking badly right now and if it wasn't for her temperament i would've dragged her into the near by closet and fucked her already.

"Sorry to disappoint." She mumbled.

I released a groan into her ear and she immediately tensed up in my arms.

"You know..." I whispered. "Im not letting you go until you agree to go out with me..." Katies body shivered as i leaned closer to her ear, my lips almost touching her. "Orrrr... until you fuck me."

"To bad for you Bieber..." She groaned. "I have class, so you mind letting me go?"

"How about I'll buy you some alcohol?" I smirked.

"Yeah... cause our last meeting went so well?" Katie spat with sarcasm dripping down her lips.

"How'd you get in anyway?" I asked curiosity getting the best of me.

"Fake ID, Duuuh?" Katie stated.

"Badass girl... Hmm, i like that." I smirked. "A looot" I moaned the last two words into her ear seductively as i grinded her body closer to mine.

Her body was so light in my arms that i was ridiculous, i could only imagine having that fine ass body in my bed. God, the things id do to her.

Her arrogance and way of rejecting me, didn't leave me disappointed at all, in fact it had to opposite effect and turned me on.

"I wonder if you're just as bad in bed?" I whispered into her ear as i shifted my arms around her petite body.

"You wouldn't know." She mumbled trying to ignore the fact that she was stuck here until she agreed to go out with me.

Yeah, believe it or not, badass boys date.

"Care to show me?" I mumbled into her ear as i plant a light kiss on her neck and then sucking a little.

Taken by surprise and getting the best of her she leaned her head back.

"Then it's set..." I smirked. "Pick you up at nine babe." I let her back down on the floor, she turned around and looked at me, surprised and taken back.

"I didn't even agree?" She asked slightly shocked by my previous movements.

"Good thing i speak body language then." I smirked and walked away.


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