Justin Bieber - Wanted for the murder of seventeen year old Alison Dilaurentis

"Your parents would most likely ask you to stay away from me."

The desire to kill has never been bigger before.

It's a game of killing or being killed, hunting or being hunted, wanting or being WANTED.


3. Youre not a very nice girl huh?


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Katie's POV.

I watched as the clock passed 8. I had debated all evening if i was going to go on that date or not, but i figure... I dont have anything better to do so, why not?

If Justin really is trouble then ill be the judge of that tonight... If he isnt then even better... 

I put on some music while i danced through my room filled with boxes trying to find something to wear. 

I found myself a blue dress without sleves, it had spaghetti straps and was lacecut on the sides of the waist part. 

This'll do. I thought to myself and put on a pair of regular black pumps.

I sprayed some perfume on my neck and curled the ends of my hair.

I put a silver bracelet on and walked down the stairs, that's when i realized... Justin didnt know where i lived or didnt have my phonenumber.

The doorbell rang...

"Who could that be..." My mother said as she shifted in the couch.

"It's for me moom." I called as i walked down the stairs in my heels.

"Wow you look great. Where are you going?" My mother said as she appeared in the hallway.

"I uhm..." I said not knowing exactly where i was going.

"Or should i ask with who?" My mother smirked as she scanned my body.

"This guy... He asked me out."

"Oh really?" My mom giggled. "Is he hot?" My mom winked at me.

"I didnt really have a choice since he held me hostage." I laughed. "I guess he's aight."

Aight... was an understatement though. He was smooking hot, but i wouldnt tell my mother that because... knowing her we'd have a loong conversation about this date tomorrow.

The doorbell rang again, Justin was getting impatient i guess.

"Well dont be home to late." My mom said as she walked back into the livingroom.

"I wont."

I opened the door and walked outside.

"It's about fucking time." Justin snapped at me.

"Hi to you too." I snorted.

"Whatever." Justin said opening his car.

"How'd you know where i live?" I asked as i jumped into his range rover.

"It's a small town Katie." Justin laughed as he took a seat behind the wheel.

"So where are you taking me?" I questioned as he started driving.

"Do you have your fake ID?" Justin smirked as he looked down the road.

"Yeah why?" I said.

"Let's ditch the car then..." Justin pulled the car to a right turn then later stopped at what i presumed was his house.

Wow this really is a small town. I laughed to myself.

"What?" Justin looked over at me.

"Nothing." I giggled.

"Did i mention how sexy you look?" Justin smirked as he got closer to me.

"Nope... i think you forgot that." I grinned. "Thanks."

"My pleasure babe." Justin jumped out of the car and opened the door for me.

That's more like it. I thought to myself as i jumped out.

Justin wrapped his arm around my waist as he led me down the street.

"So..." I said nervously. Id never been on a date with a random stranger before, it was kind of like a blind date... being new to town and everything.

"So New york huh? Big city girl." Justin said as we continued walking. The soft breeze tickling my naked skin.

"I never told you that..." I said slightly shocked how he knew all these things about me.

"I know things." Justin smirked.

"Creeper" I snorted.

"What? You dont like creeps." Justin laughed.

Wow bitch can laugh. I thought.

"Naahhh, im more of a sexy guys type of girl." I giggled.

"Good cause im more of a sexy girl type of person." Justin murmured into my ear.

We had already reached the bar. This walk seemed a lot shorter than the walk to school, thank god, cause i needed a drink after this looong ass day.

"So what do you drink?" Justin asked as we sat down in the bar.

"Usually beer or some strong shit." I laughed.

"You really are a feisty girl huh?" Justin smirked as he ordered two beers.

"I dont know... Try me and you can be the judge." I smirked challenging him.

"I might... Youre one helluva sexy chick when you get mad." Coming from a guy like Justin that was a compliment. 

"Please... You havent seen me mad." I said.

"But i bet that would be sexy." Justin replied with a smug face.

Justin started digging with his hand in his pocket after something. He reached down and grabbed a lighter and then a cigarette. He lit it on fire and smoke emerged from the cigg.

"How nice of you to share..." I said ironicly.

Justin pushed the cigarette between his firm lips as he breathed in the smoke. He pulled hand away and releasing the smoke from his mouth.

I have to say... He got sexier and sexier every minute.

"You know..." Justin blew the smoke in my face as he leaned closer. "At first i thought you were some Macdaddy girl who needed protection..." He whispered as his lips inched closer to mine.

"But I dont do that shit..." He dramatically paused pulling the cigarette into his mouth again. The smoke filled the gap between our faces as he blew it out. 

"Now i realized something else..." He smirked. "Your one helluva sexy girl and the more i get to know about you andyour little attitude, the more i wanna fuck you senseless..." Justin leaned in closer to my ear. I could feel his lips almost brushing against my earlobe as he whispered.

"And you're gonna be begging for more." 

I ignored his whole speech knowing that'll somehow piss him off, which i really liked doing.

"So is that a no to the cigarette?" I reaised my eyebrows. Justin taken back by my ignorance reached over to hand me a cigarette.

"Here you go boo." Justin grinned at me teasingly.

"Boo?" I questioned as i lit my cigarette.

"It appears that i was wrong... you are a macdaddy girl." 

"Im not..." I said blowing the smoke out of my mouth.

"Prove it." Justin whispered as he fiddled with his cigarette in his hand.

"Im not gonna fuck you if thats why you asked me out... Sorry to disappoint pal." I snapped at him.

"That wasnt why..." Justin explained.

"Oh reaaally" I fake gasped, my mouth wide opened.

"Better watch that mouth of yours... I dont like sarcasm." Justin murmured. 

God here comes the mood swings. WTF? FIRST He gets turned on when i say shit like that and give him an attitude then he cant handle me being the winning mouth.

"That's a nice necklace you have right there..." I said innocently, pulling his necklace towards my face to inspect it.

Im gonna give him some of his own medicine. I thought to myself. Get ready to be mind fucked Bieber. 

"Er thanks?" Justin said confused and somewhat surprised i hadnt talked back at him.

"It's really sexy when guys wear necklaces." I smirked while looking into his brown orbs, that widened as my voice begun to lower into a whisper.

"What can i say" Justin smirked. "Im sexy guy."

I leaned closer pressing my chest towards him as i spoke softly.

"You sure as hell are..." Justin was very pleased with himself, his smirk plastered all over his face and his eyes gazing into mine. His desire was visible in his eyes and face, thats when i knew i had him.

I bit my lower lip slowly, scraping my teeth against it in a teasing manner as i pulled my cigarette to my lips. I sucked in some smoke and blew it out to the side.

Justins eyes followed my every move.

"God you're one sexy motherfucker." Justin breathed out as he watched me.

"Mmm yes i am." I whisper moaned into his ear as i got closer. Justin probably thought i'd whisper some sexy shit into his ear as breathed into his ear for a brief moment before whispering

"To bad you wont get me." 

Now the challenge was on. He thinks he's so fucking badass and everyone wants him... Hmpf. Pretty obviously he wants me right now...

"Ohh but baby i will." Justin smirked as he backed away from my face and pulling his cigarette into his mouth.

"Mhmm? Is that so" I smirked as i threw my smoked cigarette away and chunked the entire glass of beer down my throat.

"Woah, bitch can drink too." Justin smirked impressed. 

Is there something i do that doesnt impress him? I thought to myself.

"There's a lot of things that i can do, that you wont ever experience." I returned a smirk.

"I doubt that." Justin mumbled.

"Can i have another beer and a shot?" I asked Blake, the guy in the bar.

"Well done Bieber" He smirked over at Justin. "She's a keeper."

"Actually, im not his girlfriend" I said. "Justin over here just happened to be very in to fucking girls that has an attitude..."

"Dont blame him..." Blake nodded.

"Im sure you dont... What better is there for a guy to fuck a girl who gives resistance..."

Blake kept quiet.

"I know right... Little does Mr badass over there know... im not in it for the fuck... Unlike other girls he's fucked... I have respect for myself and my body..."

"Are you fo real?" Justin snapped.

"What?" I gave him a fake smile. "There's nothing wrong with fucking those cheerleader bitchez... im just teaching bar dude over here some things about girls..."

"Youve got the bed fucking kidding me." Justin spat.

"No baby, im not..." I stood up from the chair shoving the ber and shot down my throat getting ready to leave.

Justin followed me.

"Dont you walk away from me." Justin threatned...

"What will you do? Kill me?" I laughed as i exited the bar.


Justin's POV.

Bitch really knew how to get me going, that was for sure.

I followed her out the door, letting her walk a few feet before me then id catch up and makeher regret what she said.

Her heels made an annoying clicking sound against the pavement and soon enough i couldnt take it anymore.

I grabbed her around the waist like id done in school and pushed her against a high fence.

"You're not a very nice girl huh?" I smirked as i held her hostage between my arms.

"Got a problem with that Bieber?" She snapped at me looking fiercly into my eyes.

"Not really, except that it makes my dick hard." I smirked. "You got a problem with that?" I mimicked her squeaky little voice.

"I dont give a shit about you dick." She laughed mockingly.

"Thats to bad" I whispered, getting closer to her.

"How so?" She regained her posture.

"You cant fool me Katie" I whispered seductivly, my face inching closer to hers. She was getting uncomfortable.

"Im not..." She tried to keep a straight face.

"Mmm really?" I somewhat groaned.

"Yup... Really" She said, she was so sure she'd won over me. She was so fucking sure that she'd manage to win whatever fight we had, well it's nore really a fight, more of a challenge.

"So you dont even want me the slightest?" I pretended to look sad and disappointed, letting her think she'd won.

"Nope." She answered shortly.

"Not even when i do this?" I smirked as i leaned towards her neck, my lips touching her cold skin.

Katie hissed and a tiny little moan escaped her lips as i gently sucked on her cold skin.

"N-No" She stuttered.

I kissed up her neck, my mouth inching closer to her ear as my body pressed against hers.

"Mmm, something tells me youre lying." I groaned sexily into her ear and she couldnt help but to cave in and let out a surpressed moan.

"I... Im not." She spoke, nervously. She wasnt comfortable at all which i found amusing. Id proven my point and id won. Holding her sexy little body captured was just a plus.

"Mmm i see." I moaned into her ear. "So you wouldnt even care at all if i did this then?" I said daringly pressing my lips against her soft lips. 

She didnt return the kiss at first but then she willingly kissed me back. My teeth grabbed on to her lower lip as i nibbled on it before slipping my tongue into her mouth. 

The taste of cigarette smoke and alcohol brushed of on my and soon out tongues were entwined as we batteled inside each others mouth.

Katie let a moan slip and i smirked into the kiss satisfied of how quickly she gave in.

I let my tongue slip out of her mouth and removed my lips from her soft plump lips.

"Still not convinced." Katie smirked.

I laughed at her.

"And she's stubborn too i see." I grinned.

"Very" Katie said proud of herself.

"Hmm..." I pretended to think to myself. "Katie is a very difficult girl isnt she?" I smirked.

"You can say that." She returned a smirk.

"Mmm, i see." I whispered into her ear as i pressed my entire body against her, pushing her back towards the high wooden fence.

She gulped.

"I wont give up." I whispered as i grinded my body against hers. Her head moved back towards the fence as she closed her eyes and moaned quietly at the feeling ot my body rubbing against hers.

"Mmm, i like the sound of that" I whispered into her ear. I licked down her neck, my tongue leaving wet marks.

Katie gasped as she finally caved in and let out a loud moan.

"Katie likes that huh?" I smirk as i pulled my lips away from her neck. She nodded slowly.

"Hmm, now what else does Katie like?" I mumbled as i held her tiny little body in place.

"I know..."

I put and arm around her waist and pulled her towards me. My lips crashed hard onto her lips, this time she kissed back right away in hunger.

It was almost as if she was craving my lips the way she willingly opened her mouth and shoved her tongue down my throat.

I grinded my entire body against her and she moaned into my mouth letting me know what whatever i did to her body it felt good.

I pulled Katie closer as my arms rest around her waist.

Katie pulled herself closer to my face as she snarked her arms around my neck deepening the kiss.

"Justin..." She moaned as he her fingers gently tugged my hair. 

God... this bitch...

I groaned as her fingers pulled the hair at the back of my head.

Katie suddenly broke away from the kiss.

"Whatever..." She walked away leaving me in complete awe and speechless.

Chapter End Notes: 

(Katie is supposed to look like Hayden panettiere... Just FYI)


OMFG SO TELL ME IF THAT WASNT SEXY AT ALL? Which i hope it was... took me a freaking hour to write.




BTW Im trying to update this story every day


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