Justin Bieber - Wanted for the murder of seventeen year old Alison Dilaurentis

"Your parents would most likely ask you to stay away from me."

The desire to kill has never been bigger before.

It's a game of killing or being killed, hunting or being hunted, wanting or being WANTED.


1. "Your parents would most likely ask you to stay away from me."

Katie's POV. 
There i was sitting in a completely new environment drinking my cold vanilla strawberry drink. My parents where both tired of the life they lived up in New York so they decided to settle down here in Rosewood, a small town outside of Pennsylvania.  
I sigh to myself taking another sip from the pink straw. After the move and everything i was just glad we'd finally arrived to this calm little town.  
As soon as the car stopped id walked around town trying to find a bar, after hours of driving all i really needed was some drinks to calm my nerves.  
I wasn't nervous about the move, i was nervous that Monday was my first day in school.  
"Hit me Blake" A tall dirty blond guy yelled as he walked through the doors. 
"Will do" The guy in the bar smirked as he prepared a drink. 
Small town... I sigh. I supposed everyone already knows everyone in this place. Great... 
Good luck getting new friends at school tomorrow I thought to myself. 
When suddenly a chair moved on the floor interrupting my thoughts i turned to look at the guy who had abruptly risen up. He was tall and muscular. 
"Bieber" He gritted through his teeth. 
The dirty blond guy shifted his intense gaze towards the black haired guy that had risen up from his chair. I could feel the tension building in the air as they both stared each other down. 
"Pleasure to see you here Jake" The guy who's last name was Bieber said obviously faking a smile. 
The black haired guy named Jake walked towards Bieber, facing him they had some kind of stare down. 
"How dare you come back to this town after everything you've done." Jake spat angrily.  
"Now now..." Bieber spoke with a calm voice. "We wouldn't want to make a scene would we?" His smirk revealed his perfect lined white teeth. 
Jake replied with silence and as i was about to turn around his fist crashed into Bieber's stomach. He winced out in pain before he retaliated the punch, crashing his fist into Jake's face.  
Jake threw his hands up covering his face as he stumbled backwards the alcohol he previously had intoxicated working it's magic. 
"Yo Bieber" Blake shouted next to me putting down his beer. 
"Thanks dude." He said walking up next to me, he glanced over my way.  
From the other side of the room, Jake raised his glass up in the air and before i could even react a sharp sting hit my face and i cried out in pain knowing the glass had hit me. 
"You fucking idiot" Bieber spat next to me. My hands made their way quickly to my face and i felt the cuts on my cheek. "I swear to God I'm gonna kill you when i come back." Before he was finished talking Jake had fled out the door. 
I stood up from the stool and waddled my way over to the bathroom. The sharp pain and the blood running down my forehead and cheeks made me dizzy. 
"Here I'll help you." Bieber followed me, his arm supporting my back as i waddled into the bathroom. I looked myself in the mirror and grabbed a stack full of paper to cover the cuts that the broken glass had caused. My forehead had a jack that was probably going to create a scar once it stopped bleeding. My cheeks had two cuts, the size of a paper cut but the dept of a nail digging into your body. 
He sat me on the counter as i tried to remove the blood from my face desperately.  
"Here i need to check as see if you have any glass in your cuts" He removed my arm and took a good look at the cuts. 
While Justin examined my cuts i looked around the room, it wasn't like the dirty bars in downtown New York. It was actually clean, the tiles on the floor where white and the bathroom stalls has nothing scribbled on them. The mirrors behind me in front of the counter were clean and so was the grey counter that i sat on. 
I wished id been more drunk because then the alcohol would numb the stinging pain in my face.  
"You didn't get any in your eyes did you?" He said as his intense gaze scanned my face for any leftovers. 
I shook my head. 
"Good" He said inspecting the jack on my forehead. "This might hurt a little, or sting" He said as he placed a wet paper towel on the bleeding jack. 
"Owww" I moaned out in pain as the cold water stung into the hole on my forehead. It felt like someone poured salt in my cuts. 
"Fucking idiot" He muttered, probably thinking of that Jake guy while pressing the paper towel against my soon to be scar. 
"Are you done? Cause that fucking hurts." I winced in pain as he pressed the paper towel harder against my skin. 
"I'm sorry" He mumbled.  
"For the pain or the whole incident?" I asked. 
Not sure he shrugged. "I guess both." 
"Nah it's cool, it's not your fault" I gave him a reassuring smile. "What's your name by the way?" 
"You're kidding right?" The boy let out a small chuckle and gave me a confused look. 
"Er?" I said not really sure what to answer. 
"Everyone knows who i am?"  
"Well i don't" I snapped. 
"Oh, feisty. I like that" He smirked. "So what's YOUR name?" He stared into my eyes and i stared back at him slightly taken back.  
His eyes were beautiful, those dark brown orbs were mesmerizing even in here with the bad lightening.  
"I asked you first" I said stubbornly. 
"Impressive." He ignored my question. 
"What?" I asked confused. 
"Nothing" He mumbled. I didn't quite understand if he was talking about me or something else but i decided to let it slip. 
"So are you gonna tell me your name or what?" I asked impatiently. 
"It's Justin..."  
"Well then thanks Justin." I watched him as he placed a hand on my knees. "What are you doing?" I asked looking down at his hand that was stroking my knee. 
"Do you mind?" He said with a slightly surprised look on his face. 
"If you think I'll end up having sex with you then yes, i do." I spat. I didn't understand whether this boy was actually trying to hit on me after me getting my face torn up or what the fuck he was doing. Whatever he was trying i was not feeling it. 
"Nah..." Justin smirked. "We'll save that for later if you want to?"  
"GREAT..." I said my voice dripping with sarcasm. "Cant wait." 
I stood up to walk back out of the bathroom but Justin grabbed me by my arm and pushed me back against the door. 
He whispered "A girl with a big mouth... damn... I like that" he smirked. "A lot" 
In the heat of the moment i couldn't help but notice that he was very very attractive in fact, he was a ten on the sexy scale. 
His dark brown orbs and his ruffled sex hair along with his perfect contoured face screamed sex appeal. He had a sense of style too. His white V neck that was revealed under his black leather jacket along with his skinny jeans added a lot to his sex appeal and I'd lied if i told you he was the least bit ugly. 
"I figured" I said not sure what to do as he pinned me against the wall. 
"How'd you know?" He asked wiggling his eyebrows together. 
"Guys like you don't fall for nerds... I figured that much out." I couldn't stop staring into his brown eyes and something told me, his eyes had a hard time leaving my eyes as well. 
"Your quite right about that." He smirked satisfied. 
"If you excuse me, I'm gonna go home and wash up." I said trying to get him to loose his grip around my wrist. 
"Sure but first... Your name." He winked at me. 
"Katie" I mumbled. 
"Where you from Katie?" He asked. 
"Why so curious?" I retorted arrogantly. 
"Cause it's obvious you're not from around..." 
"How's that?" 
"If you were, you'd certainly know who i am... And your parents would most likely ask you to stay away from me." He leaned in a whispered against my ear sending shivers down my spine. 
"Uhuh? Why is that?" I asked showing him that for whatever reason or badass image he had it wasn't scaring me. 
"You'll see" He smirked as he let go of my hands. 
I couldn't sleep that night. I don't know if it was because of the whole move and my new room or if it was because of the accident in the bar or because of Justin. 
Why was he acting so weird... one minute he acted like he was all nice and gentle, the next he acted like he wanted me in bed and the third minute he was what? Trying to threaten me or scare me? I mean what the fuck was that... 
I could hear Justins voice whisper into my ear 
"And your parents would most likely ask you to stay away from me." 
Why though? I thought to myself. I mean i know this kid spells trouble by the way Jake reacted to him in the bar and by the way he dressed but... First of all i can handle trouble and second of all... My parents doesn't have to know shit about the people i see. 
"Katie sweetheart" There was a knock on the door. 
"Yes" I snorted. 
"You've got school in an hour" My mother informed me. 
"Be right down" I called after her. 
I got up and walked over to my closet trying to decide what to wear the first day in my new school. 
I picked up a white cropped T-shirt that said "Love" on it with big black letters and a pair of dark washed jean shorts. 
"This'll do" I said as i looked myself in the mirror. I threw my blond straight hair over my shoulder not bothering to do anything with it except untangling the knots. 
I shimmied down the stairs to eat a bowl of cereal before i was out the door. Nervously i walked towards the town where Rosewood high was located. 
The walk was longer than i thought and after about 10 minutes i heard a familiar voice. 
"Sup, Katie" A black range rover stopped next to me on the street. 
"Justin?" I turned to face him. 
"That's my name don't wear it out." He smirked at me. 
"Promise... I wont" I mumbled with irony. 
"How'd everything go Friday night?" He asked. Seriously this kid was confusing me with all his crap and badass act and nice shit. 
"Fine, i guess." I replied confused. 
"What did you tell your parents?" He asked worriedly, i don't know if he was worried about himself getting in trouble of for me getting in trouble. 
"I lied." I simply replied as i continued to walk, his car slowly followed me down the street. 
"Are you following me or some shit?" I turned around and gave him a confused look. 
"Depends on where you're going?" He winked. 
"Ugh. Whatever" I sigh continuing to walk towards school with Justin driving behind me. 
"So..." Justin shout out the window  
"What?" I turned around slightly annoyed that i couldn't figure this damn kid out.  What was his problem? I didn't even know the dude and now he was following me like i was some stray puppy or something. 
"Never mind." Justin said. 
"No" I spat. "What is it?" 
"I wont tell you now." He said a teasingly smile crossing his lips. 
"Fine." I spat trying to ignore him for the rest of the walk which didn't really work. 
"You know..." Justin sigh. "You're pretty damn hot when you're angry." 
"I'm not angry" I answered monotonously. 
"Whatever... You're still hot"  
I couldn't help to feel my cheeks becoming red as he fed me compliments. 
This was my chance of starting a new life and hopefully today, i wouldn't become a nerd in school like i was in New York. Maybe this time I'd at least be somewhat normal. 
"Erm thanks i guess?" I replied back. 
"Aww you're blushing... cute" Justin said spotting the redness on my cheeks. 
"Wow you sure as fuck have problems." I laughed. 
"What?" Justin tensed in his seat. 
"Your mood switch every fifth second." I spoke seriously. 
"Live with it."  
"It's fucking annoying. Either you tell me what the fuck you want or you fuck off?" I said showing him that i had no intentions of playing his stupid little games. 
"Right now..." Justin smirked. "I fucking want you." 
"Well ya cant... Sorry to destroy your plans." I snapped. 
"Why not?" He asked confused. I'm sure he wasn't used to girls rejecting him with that sex appeal. 
"You're not my type." I said as the school finally after a 20 minutes walk came into view. 
"I see." Justin mumbled. "That's what they all say before they fall head over heels for me." He smirked through his opened window as he drove up next to me in a slow pace. 
"I don't know who these "ALL" are but I'm sure as hell is not like them." I stated firmly. 
"No you're not. You're sexier... That's why i want you and babe trust me... I'll fucking get you, because i rule this town and i can have any fucking girl i want" Justin spoke as if he was the king of the world or in some damn fantasy land where everything was handed to him. 
"We'll see about that" I replied. 
"We sure as fuck will." Justin said driving away from me. 
Justin's POV. 
That Katie bitch was feisty. Damn, i already like her. Her blond streaks of hair and her dark blue eyes was perfectly placed on her fearless little face.  
She probably knew she was hot by the way she teasingly dressed showing off her long legs and her flat stomach. 
I knew my teasing would drive her crazy and sooner or later she'll come around. 
And when she does... I'll fuck her senseless. 



This isnt something very exciting it's more of a background info... Justin is kind of annoying in this chapter since he switches his mood so damn much...

He's a badass but... maybe he has a soft spot for "Sexy girls" 

Katie is kind of... average, she doesnt really like the badass thing to much but she doesnt like the nerd thing either... I guess she's a normal girl who wants to have a normal life. 

Now regardless when you are reading this story i think you should review every single chapter.

There is gonna be SO MUCH DRAMA AND TWISTS to the story that i would love to see every reaction to every chapter SO



Imma try to post every other night if i get atleast one or two reviews.

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