Chemicals React But So Do Opposites...

Life couldn't get any easier when you get to spend forever with your twin right? wrong it gets harder and there is never peace... Until you meet the one for you. Meet Jenn and Gracie identical twins that are only different because of what their powers are. Gracie can read minds and collect others powers. While Jenn can sense when people are around, threat and they can communicate through their minds together as they share a link..Gracie and Jenn's only difference is their eyes.Gracie's are Purplish Blue and Jenn's are Royal Blue.


4. Stranger in the Woods...


~Gracie’s POV~

Shit... I just ran into someone... I looked up and saw the most gorgeous blue eyes I have ever saw. oh my god... hes staring at me...

“Sorry...” I said taking a step back from him.

“Its quite Alright Love...” he said looking at me closely. Oh shit... This is awkward. I mean he’s looking at me like its the end of the world and I’m the only girl left... Please don’t let this hot charming stranger be my mate... I’m so not ready. Its just been my sister and I for 20 years now and I’m finally used to it. But Damn does he have a sexy accent.

“What’s your Name love? Mines Louis. Like the designer Louis Vuitton. “ he smiled at me.

“Gracie... and nice to meet you Louis.” I am really shy I can’t help it. He’s cute I can definitely say that much. But what would he want with a small town country girl that is a vampire... Nothing thats what. I wonder if he is a vampire to... I mean if he is that would be cool.

“Gracie? You ok? You got lost in thought for awhile” he asked snapping his fingers in my face.

“oh sorry what?” I blushed looking at him.

“I asked if you went to school Around here?” Louis chuckled at my confused expression.

“Oh yeah I do to the high school here,” I smiled slightly at him still confused as to what he is. “Well... I got to head home it was nice meeting you Louis.” I told him earnestly.

“You to call me” he said writing his number on my hand. Chuckling I nodded to him and headed back towards the school still shocked that he talked to me and then when he touched me I felt shocks go through me. Oh man what am I going to do... I can Avoid him... I ended up back at my car soon and got in and drove home still deep in thought.

~Louis’s POV~

Bloody Hell... That was smooth the day I meet my mate and I don’t even tell her. I should have told her right then and then maybe she would have talked more. She seems shy in a cute way. I wonder what shes like besides shy. Oh well I hope I see her in school tomorrow. It would make my day a whole lot brighter! Just thinking about her made me smile. Gracie... Such a pretty name. Wonder if she is alone or has a sibling. Like me... Although my brother is a pain in the ever loving ass sometimes. Was it too cheesy that I wrote my number on her hand? Probably not... I mean at least now she has it and can contact me if she wanted to.  Which I really Hope she does. It would make me happy if she did.


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