Everlasting Love

Harry and Emma have been best friends for as long as they can remember. What happens when Sienna and Harry begin to date? Will Emma be happy or heartbroken? Does she love Harry more than a friend? Read and find out!


3. Chapter 3


Emma’s POV:

 I slowly opened my eyes sitting up, my back was killing me. I was confused for a moment looking around the room. The night before came rushing through my head. I smiled to myself; we fell asleep on the bean bags. I looked around the room filled with our things, where was Harry? The curtains were open letting light shine through the window. I began to panic, did he change his mind? Does he still love Sienna? Calm down I thought he probably woke up and went to get breakfast or something. I got up and sat down on the chair at the desk. I tied my hair up into a messy bun and took out my canvas and began drawing, I always loved art. Harry knew how much I did so he bought me a bunch of canvas’, paint, and utensils for my birthday last year. As I got up to get my paints I noticed a note taped to the drawer. The note read: “Hey love, decided to go end things with Sienna and get some lunch for us, be back at noon,” Love Harry. I looked at the note smiling like an idiot and checked the time, 11:30am! He was going to be back soon I better go home and change I probably looked like hell. I left my things how they were and locked the hatch, jogging back home. As I ran through my front door and up the stairs I heard my mom say, “Where have you been? I was worried sick!” “Oh my god, I’m so sorry mom I was hanging out with Harry and we fell asleep. I just got up now and came home straight away.” I told her truthfully. She seemed to calm down as I was with Harry and she knew I was safe with him. “Alright, but do not do that again.” She replied this time sounding much calmer. I hugged her and said, “I won’t, and I’m going out with Harry at noon,” I ran into my room quickly, and heard my mom chuckling behind me. What was that about? Hmm.

 Moving as fast as possible, I went into the bathroom attached to my room and washed my face and brushed my teeth. I then put on a light coat of eye shadow and mascara, with a thin coat of eye liner. I quickly brushed my hair and left it down, I slipped on some light skinny jeans, and a hoodie and was out the door. I looked down at my phone, 11:55am. I was almost there, but I wanted to get there first and surprise him. I ran up the stairs of our hideout and unlocked the hatch with the key around my neck. Perfect I thought he still wasn’t here. I cleaned up all of the things I had left on the desk before and folded the blanket we had used last night. I then hid in a place Harry never would think to look, under the bean bags. After a few minutes of waiting I heard someone open the hatch. “Hello?” Harry said. I tried to hold in my laughter and succeeded. I heard the hatch close and someone walking down the steps. Did he really leave? I scrambled out from under the bean bags and stood up to see Harry looking at me with a smirk on his face. “You tricked me!” I said. He just started laughing, which only made me laugh too. “I knew it would work!” He said pleased he had out-smarted me.

  It was then that I realized he was holding a paper bag. He noticed me staring and smirked saying, “Hungry?” “Very”, I replied, just as my stomach growled causing us to fall into a fit of laughter. Once we stopped laughing we sat down on the bean bags and began to take the food out of the bag. He set down some sandwiches, cheese and crackers, fruit, and some drinks. We began eating, and I started to wonder what happened with Sienna. “How did it go with Sienna?” I asked. He seemed a bit sad and looked down. I lifted his chin up so he was looking me in the eyes. He sighed and said, “She didn’t take it very well, she said she never wanted to speak to me again, and that I didn’t mean anything to her anyways.” He looked down, embarrassed and I wrapped him up in a hug and held him tight. He hugged back just as tightly. I really didn’t know what to say, but I was happy that they finally ended things. He pulled away and smiled at me, “You know what? I’m actually happy we ended things; she never wanted to do anything and was always so jealous and self-centered. I actually feel relieved it’s over. ” He said. I smiled back at his response as he leaned in, placing his lips on mine. Fireworks shot in all directions as our lips touched. The kiss was so soft and gentle compared to Harry’s other kisses. I felt him smile into the kiss and then pull away looking into my eyes.


Harry’s POV:

  I gently kissed her and all that was going through my head was. “I love this girl more than anything, I need to make her mine.” As I pulled away I looked into her eyes for what seemed like forever, a smile plastered on each of our faces. “Emma?” I said. “Yes?” She said still looking into my eyes. I let my feelings pour out of me, “You are the most beautiful, funny, caring, intelligent girl I have ever met.” She blushed and looked down but I lifted her chin, “No need to look down love, show off your beautiful face.” I continued, “I love you more than anything Emma and I always have; will you do me the honour of being my girlfriend?” “Yes, of course Harry!” she said and jumped into my arms.  I held her tight as she whispered, “I love you too and I always will.” She pulled away from the hug and kissed me gently. As time went on the kiss seemed to get deeper and much more passionate. Emma was sitting on my lap her fingers running through my hair, my hands caressing her face and holding her waist. Life couldn't get any better than this I thought.

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