Everlasting Love

Harry and Emma have been best friends for as long as they can remember. What happens when Sienna and Harry begin to date? Will Emma be happy or heartbroken? Does she love Harry more than a friend? Read and find out!


2. Chapter 2


Emma’s POV:

  After Savannah left I was debating on whether I should leave or stay with Harry. I was going to go with the first option until Harry cut me off. “Hey Em?” he said. “Yes, Harry?” I replied. “Follow me,” he said standing up and holding out his hand for me to grab. I looked up at him and asked “Where?” He chuckled and smiled, his amazing cheeky smile, revealing his dimples. “You’re going to have to come with me and find out, princess.” Harry said sarcastically. I smiled up at him, my first real smile in a long time, and grabbed his hand, walking out of Starbuck's. I missed him so much, and by the smile spread across his face, he missed me too.

  I had absolutely no idea where he was taking me, but too be honest I really didn't care either. Once we got out of the shop he gave me a blindfold and told me to put it on. I did as I was told, and the next thing I knew I was on his back. He carried me for what felt like hours. He gently set me down and took off the blind fold. This is why I loved Harry, wait do I love him? He brought me to our secret hide out; it was a small and cozy tree house we had built a few years ago in the woods behind our neighbourhood. We each had a key to get in; I kept mine on a chain and wore it as a necklace.. Harry kept his on a key chain and always had it with him. After we finished building it we agreed not to tell anyone about it. I haven’t, I hope he hasn't either.  I turned and gave him a huge hug, letting a tear fall. I felt so safe in Harry’s arms; like I could tell him anything and he wouldn't judge or make fun. I tried not to make it obvious that I was crying so I wiped a tear before letting go.

  Harry had an amazing smile plastered on his face that quickly faded when he saw mine. “What’s wrong?” he said sympathetically. I didn't know how to respond, I was speechless. I let another tear fall and began to sob. I felt Harry wrap his strong arms around me, trying his best to comfort me. After about ten minutes of crying, I realized I had stained his shirt with my mascara and probably looked like a mess. I slowly let go and looked down shamefully, not wanting to look Harry in the eyes. I wiped me face with my sleeve and continued looking down, not knowing what to say. I felt fingers lift my chin up until I was staring Harry directly in the eyes, alarmingly close. “Do you want to talk about it inside?” he said. I just nodded my head and grabbed his hand as we walked up the steps to our hide out. He took out his key from his pocket and unlocked the small hatch. He climbed in first holding out a hand to help me up. I took it as usual and closed the hatch behind us.

  I looked around at the all too familiar place. It was completely dark, seeing as there were no lights in here. Harry grabbed a flashlight by the hatch where we usually kept it and waved it around the room. Pictures of Harry and I covered the walls. We had a desk pushed off in the corner with a book shelf.  I walked over and looked at our things, there were candles everywhere. Harry and I loved them. He came up behind me holding a box of matches he’d grabbed off the top shelf where I couldn't reach. I smiled at him and began lighting the candles, the smell of vanilla wafting throughout the small room. To the side of the room was a round table, low to the ground with bean bags surrounding it. We took a seat next to each other and cuddled, the warmth of his body instantly calming me down. I loved this place more than anything, I always felt hidden from the world in here, Harry and I only. I do love Harry I thought, I always have, why has it taken me this long to admit it? I was so frustrated with myself; I sniffled and then shook trying not to cry. Harry immediately held me tighter. Tears threatened to fall but I wouldn't let them. He already had a girlfriend to worry about.

Harry’s POV:

  I hated seeing Emma like this, seeing her cry is the saddest thing on the planet. I didn't want to push it by asking her a million questions so I just held her trying to comfort her and cuddled. Emma was always really warm, but this time she was freezing cold. I grabbed a blanket from the other bean bags and threw it over us, hugging her closer. This may seem weird to most people but it was a usual thing Emma and I did. Her head rested on my chest, my hands wrapped around her waist. Sienna and I never did anything, she was so snobby and self-centered, and I need to break up with her I thought. I love Emma I thought, ever since the day we met. I felt Emma’s breathing calm and decided it was time to figure out what was going on. “Emma?” I asked. “Yeah?” she replied sounding tired. “Why did you start crying earlier, what’s wrong?” I said trying not sound worried and be calm. “Umm...I-I” she stuttered. “Don’t worry you can tell me”, I assured her. She slowly sat up looking down at her hands. Now I was nervous, was it really that bad?

  “The truth is…I absolutely hate seeing you with Sienna. The thought of you being with someone just makes me want to burst into tears, especially her. She is so rude to me, to everyone, I just don’t understand what you see in her.” she paused for a moment. Her voice stayed calm even though I knew she was going to break down at any moment. “I think what I’m trying to say is that I love you, I always have. I don’t know why it’s taken so long for me to tell you but I was afraid-“I cut her off by crashing my lips onto hers. She was surprised for a moment but then she began to kiss back, our lips moving in sync. I held her waist pulling her closer as her hands wrapped around my neck. The kiss was filled with passion and it felt so right, like it was meant to be. After a while we slowly pulled away, staring into each other’s eyes. “I love you too Emma, more than you know” I said truthfully. She looked teary eyed by my response but asked, “What about Sienna?” “I was planning on breaking up with her tonight, after we hung out” I said. She just nodded and sighed. I pulled her close and kissed her with more passion than I have ever had before. I felt her smile into the kiss which made me smile too. I pulled back looking at her face. She had the biggest smile spread across her face, giggling.  I couldn't help but laugh and say “You looked sad, I couldn't help it.” This only resulted with her laughing harder and kissing me again, both of us falling back on the bean bags. She pulled away sooner than I expected and laid her head on my chest. As I wrapped my arms around her waist I couldn't help but think this is how it was meant to be. Emma’s breathing slowed and I could tell she fell asleep. I got up carefully without waking her; locked the hatch and blew out the candles. I slowly lie down next to her once again intertwining our bodies and fell into the most peaceful sleep I have ever had.

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