Everlasting Love

Harry and Emma have been best friends for as long as they can remember. What happens when Sienna and Harry begin to date? Will Emma be happy or heartbroken? Does she love Harry more than a friend? Read and find out!


1. Chapter 1


Emma's POV

   I dropped my bag and ran up the stairs to my bedroom, tears streaming down my face. I couldn't take this anymore. I tied my dark brown hair up into a messy bun and quickly wiped my face. I went to the bathroom and looked into the mirror; my piercing green eyes were red and puffy. I immediately washed my face and began to apply some make up.  I put on a light shade of eye shadow with a thin line of eye liner. I then added some mascara to top it off and let down my naturally straight hair letting it fall perfectly into place.  I was going out with my friend Savannah, I thought I looked alright but my eyes were still blood-shot. As I looked in the mirror I thought about Harry and Sienna and the images came flooding back through my head. I closed my eyes trying to forget what I had seen but it was no use. The images were as clear as ever. Everything I saw tore me to pieces, Harry walking down the hall hand in hand with Sienna. Kissing her on the lips before heading to class, him saying he couldn't come hangout because he was going on a date with his “girlfriend”.  I have known Harry ever since we were kids, we were always close. I used to think of Harry as a brother but lately I don’t know how I felt about him.  When we were together everything just felt so natural and calm, but whenever I saw him with another girl I was uneasy. When I opened my eyes I instantly burst into tears. I lazily climbed into my bed to exhausted and miserable to think, and sobbed.  An hour had passed and I felt my eyes getting heavy, and before I knew it I fell asleep.


  I woke up with a throbbing headache, and looked at the clock. 11:00am! I instantly panicked and got out from under the warm covers.  I’m so stupid; I thought crawling back into bed, today was Saturday. My week of torture was finally over.  I picked up my phone and the first thing I thought to do was call Harry. I completely forgot about the night before. Oh crap, what about Savannah! Four missed calls, eight messages?! I dialed her number and waited for her to pick up. "Hello?” answered a very sleepy Savannah. She is definitely not a morning person; hopefully she wasn’t it mad at me.


Savannah's POV:

  I heard my cell phone start ringing, playing "Kiss Me", by Ed Sheeran. As I opened my eyes to the unfamiliar bedroom and took a look around, I finally spotted my phone. I hopped out of bed and picked up my phone off of the nearby dresser. I had no idea where I was but thank god I was wearing my clothes. I picked up the phone and answered in a voice I have never heard myself speak in before, "Hello?" A familiar voice answered, "Oh my god, Savannah! I'm so sorry, I was getting ready last night and something came up...” Emma said, her voice trailing off. I could tell she was hiding something; I’ll have to talk to her later. "Don't worry about it babe! You didn't miss out on much although I don't really know where I am...," I replied. "Um, alright look for an address and I'll come pick you up. You can come over my place," Emma said. Emma and I have just got our licenses, and since Cheshire is a small town it was easy to get around. "Thank you so much! I'll call you back in a few minutes, let me find the address” I said relieved. "No problem, and sounds good," she said. I hung up and went to find the address.

   I walked out of the bed room and down the hallway. "Hello?" I asked. Nobody answered so I asked once more this time receiving a response, “Oh hi, stranger!” a voice said from behind me. I quickly turned around to see my friend Isabel standing in her pajamas looking just as awful as I did. Now it all made sense, I met up with Isabel last night to go to a brand new club. I must've fallen asleep in the cab on the way home and stayed at her house. The unfamiliar bedroom must've been her new guest room which is why I didn't recognize it. I was pulled out of my thoughts by Isabel asking, "Want some breakfast?" "Actually Isabel, Emma is supposed to come pick me up soon, but thanks for everything!” I said. I quickly called Emma and she came to pick me up. I got in the car and we drove to her house. We both agreed to talk about our nights after we ate some breakfast, as we both were grumpy without food, especially breakfast.

Emma’s POV:

  After breakfast whilst we were cleaning up Savannah asked, “D’you want to go to Starbuck’s and talk about last night?” I didn’t really want to tell Savannah, but I knew she would understand and know exactly what to say to cheer me up. “Alright sounds good,” I said. “Meet you back here in a few!” she said while walking over to her house to get ready. Savannah lived four houses down from me which was awesome. Harry lived next door; we practically spent all of our spare time together this past year. Well up until he met Sienna anyways. Sienna just moved here from America three months ago.  Savannah was in America visiting her family for most of this year, which is why I was always with Harry. We became closer than ever this year, having sleepovers almost every night, movie marathons, all the things best friends do.  We did all those things before but this year was different, and I don’t know why or how.

  I was pulled out of my thoughts when I heard my phone ringing. I picked it up without checking caller id. “Hello?” I said. “Hey Emma, I can’t remember the last time I've talked to you, wanna hangout?” said Harry casually. I didn't know what to think, he hasn't talked to me for almost two weeks, no texts or calls, nothing. A part of me thought I should be mad at him but I wasn't. I could never stay mad at Harry even when I tried. We were the type of friends who would hold hands even though we weren't a couple. We laugh for no reason, and do the craziest things when were together.  “Um… I’m heading out to Starbuck's in a bit with Savannah, meet you there in 20?” I asked. “Sure thing, miss you Em!” said Harry.  “Miss you too Harry,” I said hanging up the phone. I did miss him I thought, more than I expected.

  Harry’s POV:

  I felt so guilty when her voice was hesitant on the phone after I asked her to hangout. Emma would have said yes before I finished my sentence, before Sienna and I were dating. Now that I’m dating Sienna she gets so jealous whenever Emma and I hangout, or when I talk about Emma. That’s why I haven’t talked to her in so long. I didn't want to ruin my relationship with Sienna but I truly meant it when I told Emma I missed her; I was so relieved that she said she missed me too. I was expecting her to be mad, but yet again I could never stay mad at Em and she couldn't stay mad at me, I knew that for a fact. She was always there when I needed her. Whether it was to talk, sleep, hangout, act crazy, she was always there ever since we were kids. Emma knew me better than anyone, even Sienna. I like to think I know her better than anyone too.  I quickly slipped on some jeans and nice shirt and was out the door. I decided to walk, since it was only a few minutes away.

  I saw Emma sitting at a table with Savannah she didn’t see me yet but, I was speechless. She had dropped at least ten pounds; I definitely had to talk to her, alone. She was wearing black skinny jeans, and a white hoodie with a black and silver design. She wore her hair in a messy bun and was wearing a little bit of makeup. Em never wore a lot of make but I like it that way, it seemed a lot of girls who are insecure tend to put on way more than necessary. She looked stunning, none the less, but I could tell something was definitely wrong. I sneakily crept up behind the able the two were sitting at to scare them; neither of them seemed to notice me. As I was about to yell “BOO!” I overheard a bit of their conversation.  “Tell him how you feel Em,” said Savannah trying her best to comfort her. “How can I do that when I don’t even know how I feel? Besides he’s already got someone else on his mind,” replied Emma sounding hopeless. I then said, “Hey guys, how’s it going?” Emma looked shocked,” Where did you come from?” she said. “I was going to scare you but I didn’t want to be rude and attract attention,” I said not giving anything away. The girls looked at me and then each other.  Emma had a horror-stricken face and Savannah was looking at her sympathetically. I needed to find out what was going on, and soon. We continued making conversation for about an hour and Savannah said she had to leave.  I knew what I had to do, I hope she would agree.

Savannah’s POV:

  I could tell Harry wanted to talk to Emma alone so I made an excuse that I had to go. I really didn't have anything planned, looks like another boring Sunday! I knew I made the right choice; those two were perfect for each other they just didn't know it. Emma was more than confused on her feelings for Harry and in my opinion he doesn't seem too crazy about Sienna. They both looked so much happier when they were together; I wish they could just realize that. 


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