the power

the one direction boys all have a special power. they use it for evil and only evil. so if they are evil then what happens when harrys new girlfriend decides to, well, date harry? later on in the story she is forced to join their evil side ,but, she likes it. together they take over the UK with some unfortunate stops on the way.

this is my second movella, so sometimes i get a bit of a writers block. please read my first movella "when i ran" about a girl being abused by her dad dave, she runs away and meets one direction, without knowing who they are she decides to live with them untill she can work out where she will live, but you dont know the story untill you find out niall had been through the same thing! what will happen when mays dad dave finds her....


2. what is going on?

my phone went off telling me i had a new text

harry: open the front door

i went to the front door and opened it and there he stood. "hi" he greeted  i gave him the biggest hug "wait how do you know where I live?" i asked obviously confused "uhh um i am... your phone!  it has a um.. a tracking device in it... yeah!" "ok because i dont belive you im going to ask one more time; how do you know where I live!?" "allright since you know its not your phone i will have to tell you wont I?" "yes, yes you will, oh and come in" i said "before i tell you anything i want to know more about you first" "ok well my name is cristal i am 18 and i am known to be a trustworthy person..." i said debating weather i should tell him about my past or not "yes..." he said growing impatient "a long time ago i lost my parents and all of my friends; my parents died in a car crash and my so called friends abandoned me and i guess thats all i have to tell" "i know i only just met you but will you be my girlfriend?" "yes" i said without thinking. wait what the hell!? i answer the door without knowing whos there harry found me and still hasnt told me how and i just told him all about my past when i tried to make my mouth stay shut..... what is going on?

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