the power

the one direction boys all have a special power. they use it for evil and only evil. so if they are evil then what happens when harrys new girlfriend decides to, well, date harry? later on in the story she is forced to join their evil side ,but, she likes it. together they take over the UK with some unfortunate stops on the way.

this is my second movella, so sometimes i get a bit of a writers block. please read my first movella "when i ran" about a girl being abused by her dad dave, she runs away and meets one direction, without knowing who they are she decides to live with them untill she can work out where she will live, but you dont know the story untill you find out niall had been through the same thing! what will happen when mays dad dave finds her....


4. explaining

we got to harrys house and I saw 5 boys sitting on the couch watching TV "hey guys! guess what!?" harry said "what?" everyone said in unison while i was standing behind the wall with my sleeves still up so you could see the 'tatoo' "ive found my slave!" he said while he pulled me out so i could see everyone clearly "but i just cant be the host..." harry said again more sadder this time "why?" louis asked, wait, how did i know his name? "because i- im in love with her" "what! bro!?"liam said "cristal i will show you your room" harry said as he took my hand and took me to my room "um harry could you tell me about this whole 'power' thing" i said half way up the stairs "yeah sure" when we got to my room he started explaining "so you are my slave and i am your host, but i dont really want to be the host anymore..." "no harry tell me about my friends and parents; about what they did and why they did it" "well you see, once you have shown your scar, which by the way is what it is supposed to be called, then you cant be seen anymore, people think you died cristal, i know its hard but i lived through it and because i know how strong you are i know you can deal with this." i couldnt believe my ears "10 people in the world have a scar..."  he went on "...5 boys and 5 girls, and the girls are the slaves, louis and niall havent found a slave yet, its ok to have a slave and still have a girlfriend though" "umm. so my parents killed themselves because of me?" i said with tears in my eyes "im sorry.... but i think you should know that when a host gets a slave the host gos crazy they get grey eyes instead of blue, brown, hazel or green..... which means that the slave should be careful..."

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