The years that never end?

Aoife is coming to the end of her last year at primary school! HOORAY!??
Soon she will realise that the dreadful years she wish were gone may turn out to be more valuable that she thinks... and they are slipping out of her reach!


1. "WHY!?"

"Why is it that every time I sit beside you, you comment on my outfit?!"

asked an annoyed Aoife prentending to care! "I don't know!," said Reece Mc Closkey who takes the mick out of everyone, "Maybe you shouldn't sit beside me then!" he replied angrily, but in a jokey way!

The break bell rang and everyone returned to their seats,"Seriously! That WASN'T our full break time! We usually get 30 minutes, that was only 10!!! I will sue!!!" Conor O' Mailey complained as usual. No one really listens to him because they all think that he's weird! So Aoife and Reece, as best friends sat down beside each other talking happily,"I can't wait till school is over! Secondary school will be sooo much better!" Just then the teacher walked in and said, "Sit DOWN everyone and we can watch a dvd since you all will be leaving soon, and principal Hogg would like each class to spend lots time together as friends!" He said this in an unenthusiastic tone as he walked towards the computer and stuck in the incredibles, no one watched of course they all talked and discused what  for instance: the boys group of football finatics were going to all were football boots, just to annoy the teachers! Or the girls group of populars were all gonna were matching shoes and skirts because their new school didn't have a uniform.

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