One shots (one direction fanfic)

It seems like making sad stories makes people connect more and I just want to make people really connect with my stories more, and I put my true emotions onto these stories whether with my own experiences or with someone else’s so I really hope you guys submit and enjoy! :) <3


8. Wanted

Flahback Me: Harry stop, just go!" Ha: Air. Please." Me: No! I’m done with all of your bu11sh*t! I just can’t take it anymore. You’ve cheated twice, lied straight to my face! And slapped me! How can you defend yourself?" Ha: I-I can’t" Harry put his head down. Me: Exactly. Pack your things and leave, now. We are done. Bye, have a good life without me in it." I said sternly.
2 Years later I haven’t seen Harry since I kicked him out. I wore this for this special interview I was headed to. I decided to drive my mini cooper to this cooperate place. I got there and the building looked all buisnessy and what not. Me: Wow, what a place." ??: Um Ms. Are you Aerie Rouse?" Me: Yes, I am." ??: I’m Linda. Please follow me up to your meeting room." I nodded and followed her up to the 52 floor, by elevator of course. Lin: Right on over to room 487, miss." Me: Thank you!" I smiled and walked right into the room. To my horror my ex Harry Styles was standing in a recording booth with four other men singing. Did I mention he was at the peak of his singing career when we broke up? I gasped. The man in the chair turned to look at me. He instantly smiled. I noticed it was my old singing instructor, Tod. Tod: Aerie! Nice to see you again! You look so grown up!" I smiled. Me: Well you know." He spoke something into the mic. The boys then exited the recording studio and into the room me and Tod were in. Harry looked like he didn’t recognize me. Tod: Guys, I would like you to meet my good ol’ friend, Aerie!" I waved. Harrys eyes grew wide. He then walked out of the room. Li: I’ll go talk to him." Me: No, let me." I said and walked out of the room. He was up against a wall with his head in his hands. Me: Ha-Harry?" I call chocking on my words. He looked up. Ha: Aerie?" I nodded. He ran up to me. Ha: I’m so, so, unbelievably sorry!" He just began to bawl. Me: You can be sorry, but not forgiven. What happened, happened even though I wish i didn’t." Ha: Please Aerie. If I could re-do that night. I would. I’ve been so depressed since I’ve been without you. I never realized how much I loved you…Until…." He chocked. Ha: Until I lost you." My lip twitched. Ha: You are my everything. Like everything is green, I need you. I fell apart without you. Nothing about me makes sense, but it makes sense when I’m with you! Anyone can tell you, you are pretty, but I see behind the makeup and I see the real you. Aerie, what I’m trying to say is. I’m in love. With you." He got down on one knee. Ha: I don’t have a ring with me, but I’ve been prepaired. I’ve been planning on asking you this for a little over 2 years now. I just never had the chance. I don’t want to lose you, ever again. Aerie Layne Rouse. Will you marry me?" I know Harry was expecting me to say ‘no’. Me:…..Yes." Ha: What did you say?" Me: Harry, yes I will marry you." He grinned from ear to ear. I had to too. He picked me up and spun me around. He kissed me and I could feel the sparks that would never fade. Ha: I promise. I will always make you feel wanted."

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