One shots (one direction fanfic)

It seems like making sad stories makes people connect more and I just want to make people really connect with my stories more, and I put my true emotions onto these stories whether with my own experiences or with someone else’s so I really hope you guys submit and enjoy! :) <3


5. Walk on the water

I’ve had cancer for a while now. For 2 years to be exact. I’ve had my ups and downs with it, but recently tradgedy has struck the family. The love of my life, my world, my soul mate, passed away. Louis Tomlinson was my everything. He gave me a wonderful and beautiful gift, a baby girl named Jaisey. She has just turned 4 years old and she misses her daddy more than anything. I know I am dieing inside but I want her to know that me and her father loved her unconditionaly and that we want to live a long and happy life even though we didn’t get too. Louis passed away 3 months in a car accident, a drunk driver hit him head on. He was ejected from the windsheild and died almost instantly. The boys still come over almost every day to check on me. I am trying to cope for the sake of Jaisey, but it so hard whenever she asks where he is. Ja: Mommy, where is daddy?" Me: Hun, he is in a better place. You will see him again someday just not right now." Ja: Can you tell him I love him." Me: I sure can." I hear a knock on the door. I hurry and open it and I see a pittiful looking Niall standing in my door way. Ni: I-I just needed someone to talk to." I pulled Niall into a hug. Me: I am always here." He nodded. Ni: Thanks, Cheyanne, it means alot. I know how much you loved him. He certainly loved you." I smiled while tears rolled down my cheeks. Me: You were a good friend, he cared about you guys." I hugged Niall again. Ja: Niall!" Ni: Hey princess!" Niall picked up Jaisey. Ja: Why are you crying?" Jaisey pouted. Ni: Just thinking about things." Ja: Well you should stop. Mommy has been crying a lot and I don’t like to see mommy cry, I love her." That made my heart melt. Later that night Jaisey wanted me to come into her room, and talk with her. Ja: Mommy, tell me about daddy." Me: Well he loved you very much, you know that right?" She nodded. Me: He loved to sing and he especially loved to sing to you." Ja: Are you going to be with daddy?" Me: Someday I will. I wish later on, but I think I will be sooner then I hoped." Jaisey curled up to me. Ja: I love you mommy." I kissed her head. Me: I love you too."
4 months later: I’m in the hospital bed, on life support. About no chance of making it another night. The boys walked in my room with Liam holding Jaisey. Ja: Mommy!" She cried for me. I could barely hold her by me. Me: Hey sweet heart." Niall set down some flowers. Za: How are you, Cheyanne?" Me: I think this is goodbye." The boys got teary eyed. Ha: If that’s true. Tell Louis we miss him, and we love him. We will love and miss you too." Harry chocked on his words. I nodded and began to cry. Ja: Mommy, don’t cry. Everything is going to be okay." I kissed Jaisey’s cheek. Me: Yes, yes it is. Just can you promise mommy one thing?" Jaisey nodded. Me: Remember mommy loves you no matter what happens. Be sure to always be a tough girl and be mommys little super hero. Never let anyone get you down, always know that mommy, daddy, and God will always be with you through your troubles. I will always be with you in here." I touched Jaiseys chest where her heart is. Me: I love you sweetie. Now it’s time mommy goes and sees daddy." I kissed Jaisey one more time. The last thing I felt was Jaisey soft lips touch my cheek and I felt her tears trickle down my cheek, then I was gone. Ja: Mommy?" Liam picked up Jaisey, and began to leave the room in tears. Ja: No mommy, no! Let me go! I want my mommy!" She cried, and cried, and cried.
I finally got to be reunited with the love of my life. It was the longest 7 months of my life. We have been watching over our daughter every step of her journey through life. She is the toughest little girl I know. She went to live with Niall who found a lovely wife, they both love Jaisey as if she was their own. She knows about me and her father, and she loves us with all her heart, she sure does miss us too. We miss her too. Here soon, we will all be reunited as a family once again. Our perfect family can continue in the presence of God in the wonderful heaven.

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