One shots (one direction fanfic)

It seems like making sad stories makes people connect more and I just want to make people really connect with my stories more, and I put my true emotions onto these stories whether with my own experiences or with someone else’s so I really hope you guys submit and enjoy! :) <3


9. Blown away

Flash Back * 14 years ago*
I was 5 years old, playin my favorite game with my bestest friend Niall! Me: Nialler! Nialler where are you?" Ni: Right here, Kayla." Niall popped out from behind my couch. Me: Niall, do you love me?" Ni: Of course I do Kayla." Me: Forever and ever?" Ni: And ever. Me and you are going to get married. I promwise!" Me: Yay!"
Flash Back 10 years ago
I just received news that my mother was in a severe car wreck. Me: Niall! I need you to go with me to the hospital, please, I can’t go alone." Ni: I’ll be right over." He came over in less than 5 minutes. We quickly drove to the ER. I rushed into the room with just enough time to say my goodbyes. My dad was sitting in the chair bawling his eyes out. Me: Mom, I love you so much." Mom: I love you too. Please. While I’m gone. Take care of your father, for me." Me: Will do, mother." Mom: I’ll see you soon, my little angel." She passed away 15 minutes later. I laid my head on Nialls chest and just cried with him for a few days. I lost my mom, but gained a guardian angel.
Me: Dad, just leave me alone! You’re drunk!" Dad: No! Go to your room and stay there!" Me: I can’t you’re drunk!" Dad: So?!" Me: I promised mom." I choked up. Me: I promised mom, I would take care of you, now lay down!" Dad: No! You’re mom was too careless to stay here and help me with your ***! You were a big mistake! I wanted to get rid of you the day I found out your mother was pregnant! She wanted to keep you. Your lucky your still here, now do as told!" I just stood there. Speechless. I ran up to my room and called Niall. Me: Niall, please come over. Use my window." Ni: Alright, Kayla, I’ll be there in a minute." He was there in two. When he walked into my room, I was watching the news. Me: The weather man predicted a twister. Should we take cover?" Ni: Not until the wind picks up." I walked over to my closet and knelt down on my knees. Me: Please let this be a wake up call, for my father. Knock the entire house down, shatter the windows, rip up the floors and walls. Till there is nothing left standing." I walked back over to Niall. Me: I want everything blown away." Ni: This is Oklahoma, good luck with that." Thirty minutes later the wind picked up big time, then the sirens went off. Me: Let’s go to the cellar, out back!" We ran downstairs. My dad was passed out on the couch. Ni: Should we wake him up-?" Me: No, leave him." We ran out to the cellar. We got in and then- Ni: I left something. I have to go get it." Me: No! Niall, you are staying right here, until it passes." Ni: Come on, Kayla, it will only take me a minute. I’ll be back. I promise." I nodded. I kissed his cheek. Me: Be careful, Nialler." He smiled and nodded. He told me to lock the cellar behind him, I did as told. 3 hours later, the twister had passed, and Niall had not come back. I was a nervous. I loved Niall, with all my heart. If I lost my best friend, then I don’t know what I’ll do! I unlocked the cellar and walked out. Everything was gone. The house that once stood infront of the cellar was gone. Parts of it were still there, but the entire roof was just gone. I was in shock. I began to walk towards the house. First I looked at my “living room” the couch my dad was laying on was in the middle of the street, without my dad on it. I began to look around, he was no where, then I saw a glimpse of blonde hair. I ran over to the bushes. It was Niall! He had blood dripping down his face, I checked his pulse. Nothing. I began to cry and then I noticed a little black box in his hand. I carefully held it, and then opened it. Inside was a small diamond ring, and on the inside was engraved. “Kayla and Nialler, Forever and Always, just like I Promised.”

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