One shots (one direction fanfic)

It seems like making sad stories makes people connect more and I just want to make people really connect with my stories more, and I put my true emotions onto these stories whether with my own experiences or with someone else’s so I really hope you guys submit and enjoy! :) <3


6. Beautiful ending

Li: Riley?! Riley?! Where are you?! Baby!! Wake up!" I woke up to Liam frantically searching around our picnic blanket were we dozed off. Me: What’s wrong babe?" Li: Riley! She’s not here!" Me: What!" I looked around and he was right. Our 5 year old baby girl, Riley, was no where in sight! Liam sat down with his head in his hands. I sat down next to him. Me: Come on, she couldn’t have gotten too far. Let’s look together." We began searching the woods for Riley. Screaming her name in every direction we still weren’t having much luck. We were running out of woods. We decided to call up the boys and have them come out here and help us find her. Zayne, Niall, and Louis quickly found us. Za: We were looking for her while looking for you guys. No luck." Li: Where’s Harry?" Lo: He’s really sick." We nodded and began looking in groups. Liam, and Louis in one group. Me, Niall, and Zayne in another. Me: Riley! Baby please come to mommy!" Za: Riley! Come on out!" Ni: Riles! It’s Nialler! Come out and we can go get some cookies!" Finally after 3 hours of frantically searching for my baby girl I found her, laying unconscious on a log with blood running down the side of her head. Ankle twisted, and arms all cut up. Me: Oh my baby!! Hurry call 911! She’s needs to get to the hospital!" Zayne quickly whipped out his phone and called 911. The ambulance was there in a matter of minutes, of course Liam and Louis were there by then. Li: This is all my fault!" I grabbed Liam. Me: Liam, listen to me. This is NOONES fault! We were sleeping, her 5 year old instincts crept in and she ran off to go explore. Accidents happen, we learn from our mistakes. Just pray that everything will be ok." We were both in tears just holding eachother. We followed the ambulance up to the hospital. Come to find out our daughter has a severe brain damage and is in a coma, she has a broken ankle and busted blood vessels in her left arm. I just collapsed on the floor knowing my baby girl might not make it. She has a 30% chance of making it…It’s been a week. A long, treturous week. Me and Liam have stayed up at the hospital every waking minute of that week. We have been praying and praying that our baby girl lives. I don’t know what I would do without her. We walked out into the waiting room to talk to the guys. Even though Harry is very ill, he was there. All of a sudden you hear loud beeps and doctors suddenly start rushing into Rileys room. Me: No…" I whisper. Me and Liam rush over to the room. Li: What’s going on?" No answer. Li: Answer me! What the hell is going on with my daughter!?" Suddenly a doctor drags me and him aside. Doc: I’m so sorry. Your daughter has gone into cardiac arrest. There is nothing we can do. Her lungs won’t accept the oxygen we are providing and her heart won’t pump the blood we are giving her. Nothing is working. Her body is shutting down. I’m very sorry." I just stood there looking at my daughters helpless body, as the doctor walks away. Liam falls to his knees crying his eyes out. The guys instantly know and they run over to us. Ni: If there is anything we can do to help. Please let one of us know." The other boys agreed. Just then I heard it. Ri:" I ran to my daughters bedside. Me: I’m right here baby. I’m not going anywhere. I promise." All the doctors stopped what they were doing. Doc1: What’s going on?" Doc2: This has never happened before." Doc3: It’s a miracle!" Liam ran in with a smile on his face. Ri: Dad…dy" Li: Hey baby girl. Daddys here and he isn’t going anywhere." Riley smiled. Month Later Riley got to come home 3 weeks after that miracle of a day. We are a happy little family and I couldn’t ask for a better way.

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