One shots (one direction fanfic)

It seems like making sad stories makes people connect more and I just want to make people really connect with my stories more, and I put my true emotions onto these stories whether with my own experiences or with someone else’s so I really hope you guys submit and enjoy! :) <3


1. Just a drop in the ocean

It’s prom night. The second most memorable night for a girl, the first would be wedding night. I’m not sure if I’m going to get to see that night, though. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Something is different with my diagnosis, mine is spreading more rapidly than others. My mother and father told me to always keep moving forward and never look back. That is the quote that motivates me most.
I am getting to spend this wonderful night with the love of my life, Harry Styles. He has been with me through everything, we both cried our eyes out when we found out what I had. Today my mother, my best friend Glori, and I are going prom dress shopping. I need to make this night memorable and do things I know need to be done. I walked out with this gown on. My mother was almost in tears. Mom: You look beautiful honey." I want to make my senior year memorable and I feel like this dress will deffinitely make that happen. Gl: Harry is going to be breathless." I just smiled. My mom and Glori came up and hugged me.
Prom is in a month. I go in for my first session of chemotherapy tomorrow. It’s not something I am looking forward to. Hell! I might be losing all of my hair! My mother doesn’t think it will happen that soon, but I can almost garantee it will. Ha: Babe, everything will be alright." We were now at the doctors, it was always a scary place for me. Harry was on my right holding my hand, the doctors’ equipment were on my left. My parents were outside waiting in the waiting room. Me: Am I going to lose all of my hair today?" The doctor looked at me with no emotion. She just shrugged. Me: That’s convencing." Harry kissed my forehead. Ha: Just lay back and I will be here when you get out." I had to get an MRI it’s actually how the vitamins went into my body. A single tear fell down my cheek. I was scared there was no doubt about it.
I was home. Why was I home? I thought I was at the doctors?! Harry knocked on the door. Ha: Is my beautiful princess awake?" He had a tray of my vitamins. I had to take atleast ten a day. He smiled as I took them. He looked at my head, I just looked back confused. He then realized I havn’t looked in a mirror since I got home. I walked to the bathroom and stood infront of my large mirror. I was in shock, I was just paralyzed. My hair was completley gone, there was no trace of hair, anywhere! I touched my head as tears poured down my face. Harry came in and just held me, we cried together once again.
It’s prom night. I decided I didn’t want to wear a wig, but a colorful scarf instead, one that matches my dress. I walked down my large stair case to see my smileing parents, a glowing Glori and her date, and a very bald Harry. I just walked up to him with a huge smile on my face. Ha: All for you." I kissed him and then we walked out to our limos. Dad: Have fun kidos!" My father kissed my cheek and let me go.
At prom we were dancing the night away. I was dancing all of my troubles away. I got so many compliments on how beautiful I looked and how my scarf went rather well with my dress. Harry got alot of heart felt looks. Everyone knew his reason for his hair being that way.
It was close to the final dance. Me: This night couldn’t be more perfect." I said ever so softly. Ha: I think it could be a little better." Me: How?" Ha: Follow me." Harry took me back to the limo. The driver wasn’t there so it was just us. Harry kissed me, not forcefully but with passion and love. Things were getting heated up. I started unbuttoning Harrys shirt as he unzipped my dress. Ha: Are you sure you want to do this? I don’t want to pressure you into doing something you don’t want to do." Me: I am sure." He smiled and continued. Soon we were doing it. At least I won’t die a virgin and I know I did it with the man I love.
It’s been a month since prom. I am lying in a hospital bed with about 0.5% of making it another night. The cancer has spread all around my heart and is less than a centimeter from reaching it. Harry grabbed my hand with red puffy eyes. He began to sing my favorite song. Ha: A drop in the ocean. A change in the weather. I was praying that you and me might end up together. It’s like wishing for rain as I stand in the desert. I’m holding you closer than most, cause you are my heaven. I love you so much Aubree. I don’t want you to leave me, I want us to get married start a beautiful family, grow old together!" Me: I love you too, Harry. I always will. I just can’t hold on any longer." Harry kissed my lips for the last time, once he pulled away my heart beat stopped. My last breath was used to kiss the love of my life, whom I will be waiting for on the other side…..

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