When 19 year old Hannah ends up pregnant by Harry Styles after a one night stand, he makes it clear that he doesn't want anything to do with her or the baby. Now Hannah has to make the hardest choice of her life... WHAT WILL SHE DO? DOES SHE KEEP IT OR GET RIDE OF IT OR PUT IT UP FOR??? READ AND FIND OUT!


3. Chapter 2

*Harry's P.O.V.*

How dare she? How could Hannah think she could kill my daughter? OUR daughter?! She is so heartless, ending Sibella's life like that. Who the hell does she tink she is? I walked home briskly, considering my options along the way. She was right -- it's her legal rigth to do whatever she wanted with her body, I had no say because we're not married. Honestly, the thing I wish I could do is keep her locked up until Sibella is born, then make her see how beautiful our daughter would be... but that's slightly illegal. Well, not slightly but it is illegal. I could get revenge? Tell the truth about what happened to the tabloids and let them tear her to pieces. Better yet-- the fans might. I can't even imagine how much hate a girl who killed Harry Style's unborn daughter would get. She would be public enemy #1. What the hell Harry?! Why am I even thinking about this? There's no way I can do that to Hannah. Sure she is making a horrible choice... but this is my fault. I shouldn't have turned her away, I never should have slept with her in the first place. It was all a mistake. A stupid drunken mistake. I'm just shattered over the fact that Sibella will have to pay for it.  

The next day Hannah tried calling me. Probably to apologize for murdering our daughter. I didn't pick up. In fact, I didn't pick up any of her calls again. I stopped sending her money-- she doesn't need it anymore. I just want to forget this ever happened. But it's hard when the mention of the words "Baby" or "Pregnant" or even just seeing a small child on the street makes me break down in tears. But six months on from that night, I finally gave in and answered Hannah's call.


*Hannah's P.O.V.*

Harry won't answer any of my calls. He's being so stubborn... but then again I don't blame him. He stopped sending me money which I'm really struggling without. It's been six months since we've last spoke -- when I told him I'm aborting our daughter. I just wish that he would pick up his damn phone so he can know that I changed my mind. I looked down at my beautiful baby girl sleeping peacefully in my arms. She's less than 2 hours old but I already love her more than the world. How could I ever think that killing her would be a good idea? I'm such an idiot...

"Excuse me miss?" I looked up and a nurse had walked in. She placed a piece of paper and a pen on the end table. "This is the baby's birth cerificate. It's only a rough copy-- we'll have it professionally done after all the details are filled in."

"Thank you." I smiled and she left. I couldn't stop smiling looking down at my daughter. I'm a mom now, I have so much more responsibility. I know the best thing for my baby is adoption -- to let her have a normal life. But I... I just can't let her go. It's selfish-- I know but she's mine. I mean... what would you do?

I placed her in the cot next to my bed and picked up the birth cerificate.

Name: Sibella Jade Pearce

I've always loved the make Jade for a girl but I know Sibella is what Harry liked.

Mother: Hannah Marie Pearce


I sighed, time to call Harry... again. I pressed call, praying that he would pick up. My heart filled with relief when I heard his voice on the other end.

"Yeah Hannah, what do you want? He sounded broken. Like his heart was crushed

Did I cause that?

"I want you to meet your daughter. I want you to meet Sibella Jade." A harsh tone brought me back to earth.

"Thish is disgusting Hannah!" Harry scoffed, "Even for you. I... I can't believe you would toy with me like this. You're sick. You hear me!? SICK!!" He must really hate me.

Father: Harold Edward Styles

I don't care if no one believes it's true -- Harry is the father and one day he will meet her

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