Fourteen turning Fifteen

This book takes readers into the insight of a 14 year old boy who is turing 15 in a few days. Where he comes from, your 15th birthday is more than saying Happy Birthday. In to turn 15 you must complete a quest to show the true meaning of why you must grow.


3. Hunter

As I get pushed into class by about 30 other students, I quickly spot my seat. Back right corner of the class room, where the teacher and the other students can't see me. I quickly walk over and sit down. Mr.Jamie, our annoyingly boring teacher said that we better be on our best behaviour when the headmasters are here. He said that there once was a boy who started joking around with the headmasters in the same room, and he got severely punished. And, frankly, I already get punished enough by my school, the last thing I need is the headmasters punishing me. Five minutes pass, and my 'desk buddy' (as Mr.Jamie calls the person beside our desk) comes through the door. Long brown hair, and large brown eyes. Cameron Grafit, straight A student, tries out for every extra-cricuaur, and not to mention a huge teacher's pet. As she sits down beside me, I see bout four guys in my class turn their heads to look at her. Cameron, Amber and Kate are the three prettiest girls in the whole school, and any guy lucky enough to go out with any of them would be living the dream. Well, every guy except for me. I can't stand those girls, they all live in huge houses, with a hot dinner every night, and a warm bed to sleep in. They don't know what it is like to work one -just one- day in their lives. Thats about the only reason that I'm excited for the headmasters to come to our school today, to make those princesses work for something important. 

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