Fourteen turning Fifteen

This book takes readers into the insight of a 14 year old boy who is turing 15 in a few days. Where he comes from, your 15th birthday is more than saying Happy Birthday. In to turn 15 you must complete a quest to show the true meaning of why you must grow.


1. Hunter

As I wake, I feel a cold rush of air angst my face, I hear Dad's voice boom through the house "Hunter wake up, your going to be late." Ugg! I slowly climb out of my cot put a blue sweater on, grab some jeans and head out the door. Dad is out in the kitchen eating a bowl of cold oatmeal. I can't remember the last time he had a warm breakfast. I walk over the freezing concrete floor, feeling a shiver with every step I take, looking for my boots. I am about to ask Dad if he knows where they are when he takes a deep breath "No boots today Hunter, dress shoes." Eww! "Dad-" I start, "No complaints, dress shoes. The headmasters are coming to your school today." He says. Dad has been waiting all my life for the headmasters to come to my school and for me to get my assessment, to see what I get, but to mostly see if I make it through the challenge they give me. 

Every year the headmasters provide a challenge for everyone turning fifteen. The challenge comes in three tests; a test of strength, a test of knowledge, and a test of skill. Some make it, others die trying. If you make it through, the headmasters will decide your fate for you; who you will marry, how many kids you will have, where you live, if you continue school or not, and what your carrier will be. Not many people have made it through, and have had a well paying carrier. Many people -like my father and I- get an average life. A small house, and a small family. My father thinks that I am going to change that. He always says "Hunter you are special, you are not like the other kids, you have abilities that few people possess." I'm not even sure what that means, but if I am special, I hope my 'abilities' will pay off during the challenge.

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