Fourteen turning Fifteen

This book takes readers into the insight of a 14 year old boy who is turing 15 in a few days. Where he comes from, your 15th birthday is more than saying Happy Birthday. In to turn 15 you must complete a quest to show the true meaning of why you must grow.


6. Cameron

I can't believe the headmasters are here. All my life, I've been waiting for the headmasters and the one emotion I feel- fear. Fear, is all I feel running through my body. What if I fail? I think to myself  of course I won't fail the thought tries to reassure me, but fails.


We walk out side and the bright sun is the first thing we see. Once my eyes adjust to the light, I look around frantically for the headmasters. "Calm down" Hunter whispers behind me. How can he say that after he insulted the greatest people on Earth? I start to turn around in a full circle, desperately looking for them when I see a glimmer of white. I don't realize I stopped walking until Hunter pushes me forward. "Keep moving sweet cheeks" he whispers into my ear. I can't bring myself to walk, I saw the headmasters. I saw the headmasters, I saw the headmasters, I SAW THE HEADMASTERS!  I can't believe it so many years, and there they are hiding from us, probably seeing who can spot them. 


I start walking again and see Ross Moxie stopes in front of me. I stop too, looking in front of Ross. The whole line stopped in front of me. Mr. Jamie has a piece of paper in his hand. The whole class falls to a silence quitter then before. He opens his mouth then closes it and opens it again, and starts speaking names. He starts going down the list of names, starting with Mick Anderson. I'm near the end of the list, so I wait my turn. Once he says all the names in the list, he says "I hope you all know why your out here." 

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