Fourteen turning Fifteen

This book takes readers into the insight of a 14 year old boy who is turing 15 in a few days. Where he comes from, your 15th birthday is more than saying Happy Birthday. In to turn 15 you must complete a quest to show the true meaning of why you must grow.


4. Cameron

"When the headmasters come today, you all need to be on your best behaviour!" Mr.Jamie boomed through the class room -for the fifth time in the last ten minutes- "That espically means you Hunter" as Mr.Jamie said his name, all heads in the class turned around to him. Hunter is my 'desk buddy' and let me tell you, I don't understand why Mr.Jamie puts the bad kids -Hunter- right next to the good behaving kids -me-. As Mr.Jamie continues speaking the heads slowly turn from the back of the class room to the front. Five minutes pass, then ten, then thirty. "Can you believe how much Mr.J talks, all about the stupid headmasters" Hunter whispers into my ear. My head shoots to look at Hunter, within milliseconds I have an astonished look on my face, and am trying to find my voice. Can you believe how much Mr.Jamie talks, all about the stupid headmasters? Stupid headmasters? The headmasters are the basis of life, if we didn't have them, our world would be in total chaos! I finally find my voice, and whisper how great the headmasters are. Seconds after I start talking Hunter looks board. Thats okay I think to myself. It's people like Hunter who fail the tests, people like Hunter who don't know the true power of the headmasters. People like Hunter who will regret calling the headmasters stupid.

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