The Parallel World

Anne Denvers has nightmare every night. She is in front of a mirror, and behind this mirror there is a world just like hers. One night, the dream changes. It is no longer an innocent nightmare, but a vision that changes her life forever. She loses her parents, and runs away from home. But what happens when she finds out why she lost her parents, and that she is not the only victim of this shadow-murderer?


1. Chapter 1

It was a dark winter night and Anne Denvers was heavily sleeping. Outside, a snow storm was howling, lifting the white snow and making it twirl like a tornado.


Anne was no ordinary girl, even though she seemed utterly so. She lived in London, with her parents that had been there from the start of her 13 years of life. She didn’t have many friends, as she knew she would eventually tell them her dark secret, and everyone would think she is crazy.


The young girl slept every night, with the same nightmare reappearing again and again. She would find herself in a dark room, in front of a big mirror. The mirror led to a similar world, like her own, and in front of her would be her ringer looking at her with the same brown eyes that Anne had. She always woke up covered in sweat and unable to speak in the middle of the night, because of that nightmare.


That night, a small change appeared in the dream. Behind the Anne in the mirror, her parents were being murdered. She looked around scared and confused, to see nothing was going on behind her. It was only in the parallel world. She found herself stuck, unable to open her eyes and wake up from the horrible dream. She was forced to watch her own parents get killed.



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