How I Met Your Mother: Our Wedding

Ted tells his kids about his and their mothers wedding, and the big problem right before it. Only, the problem doesn't envolve their mom....


1. Big Day

Now kids, your mother and I had a beautiful wedding, but there was one major problem, Nick. It started out nice though...

"I can't believe it buddy," Marshall said loud as he hugged Ted, "We told you you would find 'the one'!" Marshall let go of him only for Lilly to hug him. "Yah, I'm sorry i doubted you. I guess I was just a little tired of looking, you know?" Ted said as he fixed his tie. "No, I don't. I've had 'the one' since collage." Marshall replied as he hugged Lilly. "I have to go for a sec, Mama needs her beer if you know what I mean." And with that she was gone. "Dude, where's Marven?" Ted asked Marshall. "Oh he's with Barney." He said, moving his hand in a motion that looked like he was swatting away the thought. "YOU LEFT YOUR KID WITH BARNEY?" Ted screamed while laughing. "Ted, I'm telling you he changed. He's dating Robin and might actually want kids." Marshall looked in the mirror again and looked at Ted. "Robin doesn't want kids though, what's Barney going to do?" "Don't know." They looked at each other with a sad look. Marshall switched his sad look for something more exciting and happy, "Open bar!" "ONWORD!" And with that they ran out.

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