I Almost Do

A new school just open. The thing is, it's different from the other schools. On the first day of school, students are formed in two lines. All the girls are on one side and the boys on the other. Couples are made (one boy and one girl) and you have to spend all your free time with him or her... there is special rules that you have to respect or something bad will happen. Couples that hate each other or some fall in love. See how Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam deal with their new school and with their new partner.

Friendship, love, betrayal, enemies, magic, One Direction, girls and boys - watch out for a special year!!!

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2. The school (Boys' P.O.V)

What did you think about the first chapter? Well, I'm really enjoying writing this movella. What do you think will happen later??? Oh! And just saying I'm french so If I make mistakes please tell me that would be nice :) please read my other movella: Love in a different way and the sequel. Enjoy



Louis P.O.V 

We all got out of the car after that long drive. Our legs were like mashed patatos. They hurt. Actully, Zayn fell when he got up. His legs were hurting like s***. After that moment of laughter, Niall, Zayn, Harry, Liam took there suitcase out of the car and placed them on the floor. I kissed my mom on the cheek, said goodbye and thanked her for driving us here. She got in the car and left. When she was out of sight, we all jumped and screamed " FREE!!! ". I grabbed my suitcase and rearranged my shirt. We stood there in front of the school looking at people passing by. Admiring the building and the girls, we all smiled.   

" Well guys... We're here." I said smiling at the building. 

The school was very big. It looked kind of old, but it made it looked nice. The bricks of the school were reddish and the windows and the doors were black. There were trees all over the place. The area of the school was very nice. There were picnic table, and chairs. Even the air smelled good. I felt welcomed. From now on, this building was my second home. 

Students were walking all over the place with there suitcases. People making friends, flirting. It made me laugh. Already, people were flirting and it was the first day. I saw adults, who I guess were teachers. Some of them were greeting students and showing them the way into the school.

" I think we should get to our rooms, and prepare our stuff. " Zayn proposed. " We kind of look stupid staring at people." 

" Ya, maybe. " I agreed with him, laughing.

As we were walking, I saw this girl... She was so beautiful. Her hair, her eyes, everything.  She turned her head and looked at me right in the eyes. My heart skipped a beat went I saw her looking at me. It was like I could feel like we connected. I promised myself that I would talk to her. But now, I starred at her and that was perfect. 

" You alright man? You looked weird..." Liam asked to me.

" Ya.. Ya... I'm fine. " I said turning away.

As I was trying to forget her, we got in the school and there was no one in. The hallways were empty. Then, out of nowhere, a woman appeared and came to us to introduced herself.

"Hi, My name is Mrs. Morgane. Can I help you find your rooms? " She said

" Yes, that would help us, Thanks. " Niall said.

" Names please..." She said very seriously.

" I'm Niall Horan. He's Louis Tomlinson." He said pointing at me. " This is Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik. " he said pointing at us while presenting us.

" Well, please follow me" Mrs. Morgane said.

Mrs. Morgane started walking and the lads and I started following her. She brought us threw all kind of corridors and places. She showed us were all the important thing were like the cafeteria and the library, the arcade and the mall. After a brief tour of the school, she finally stopped in front of a very tall door.

Mrs. Morgane was a beautiful woman for her age. She looked like she was in the mid fifties. She had brown hair(with a little bit of white) that was pulled into a strong and high bun. Her eyes were blue. Her clothes were very elegant and proper for her position in the school. And with her outfit, she had some very high, high heels. 

" Wow! I am going to get lost. This school is so big!" Harry exclaimed looking threw all the corridors we were passing.

" Well the school has maps all over the place and for the first week, there will be teachers all over the place to help you if you if you get lost." Mrs. Morgane responded. " Ok, so... You are now going in the rooms. Liam, Niall, room 205. Zayn and Louis, you guys are in the room 206. And Harry you will be in room 300." Please be at 5 pm in the cafeteria, thanks and don't be late! You have 30 minutes before 5 pm. " 

I said goodbye to Harry, Liam and Niall. Zayn and I went in room 206. The room had 2 double bed, 2 bedside table with a lamp on it. There was also a balcony. There were 2 table for us to do our studies. There was a other door in our room. I opened it and saw a bathroom. There was also 2 closet for us to put our clothes.

" Wow! We have our own bathroom!" I said.

" Yes! A bath tub, a shower, a big mirror and a toilet. Too bad there is no colour on the walls..." Zayn said.

He was right. Except from the furniture, there was no colour and decorations/posters. I guess we will have to decorate a little. I took my suitcase and put it on my bed. I took my clothes and put them in the closet. Zayn did the same. I look at the room and it was already VERY messy. We've been here for 20 minutes and the place looks like a disaster! I have to admit that the room looked more normal now then before. After we finished taking our quick showers, we got out of the room and waited for the others to come out of their room. 

Niall's P.O.V :

Liam and I walked in the room and saw that except from furniture, there was nothing special. 

" Wow... That is a very... normal room... I guess we will get used to it." Liam said

" To bad that Harry is alone in his room. I'm sad for him." I sad looking at the floor.

" Well... I know it's kind of sad but we should take this positively. He is going to make a new friend! " Liam said smiling.

" Ya... You're right." I said laughing at his sarcastistly girly joke.

I went in the bathroom and took a shower. It felt good. After Liam came and took one. We changed clothes and joined the boys in front of their room. We were feeling clean and ready to meet those beautiful girls!

Harry's P.O.V :

" Wow! I am going to get lost. This school is so big!" I exclaimed.

" Well the school has maps all over the place and for the first week, there will be teachers all over the place for help if you get lost." Mrs. Morgane responded to me. " Ok, so... You are now going in the rooms. Liam, Niall, you're in the room 205. Zayn and Louis, you guys are in room 206. And Harry you will be in room 300." Please be at 5 pm in the cafeteria, thanks and don't be late! You have 30 minutes before 5 pm. " 

What! I'm alone! The others have each-other and I am... Well Maybe I will have my own room. Cool! We said goodbye and they went in there room. 

I walked in the hallway and searched for the room 300. But something distracted me. I heard voices coming from a room. I started walking closer. 

" Ya! I heard that this school is very odd. We get into two lines and couples are made. " A voice said

" What do you mean by couples? " A other voice asked.

" Well each boy as a girl and they have to date or something. This is what I heard." The voice said.

I was about to put my ear on the door to hear more, but the door opened and two guys came out. The first one had brown hair placed in spikes with gel, had brown eyes. The other one was blond. He had braces and blue eyes. I quickly smile like nothing had happened and started walking away.

" Wow that was close!" I told myself.

I walked away and a moment later I found room 300. I walked in an saw a other boy standing in the middle of the room.

" Hi. I'm Jason. " He said with angry eyes. 

That boy had a weird attitude. He looks like a bad guy. Plus he was very tall. He had black hair and blue eyes. I put my suitcase on the bed and introduced myself.

" Nice to meet you..." He said while pulling out a cigaret out of his package. " Ya want one?" He asked me

" No thanks. I guess I'll just take a shower and ya... " I said running in the bathroom.

I closed the door and regret that I ran in here. I must of look like a total weirdo! Anyways, I took my shower and changed my clothes. I got out of the bathroom. I said to Jason that I was late and left. I ran in the hallway and saw the boys. We gave each-other a hug and started walking to the cafeteria. I know we were pretty close, like brothers, but we don't get on each other's nerves. We walked in the cafeteria and a few students were there. We sat at a table and started talking. A few minutes later, we all turned around when we saw many beautiful girls. 


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