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A new school just open. The thing is, it's different from the other schools. On the first day of school, students are formed in two lines. All the girls are on one side and the boys on the other. Couples are made (one boy and one girl) and you have to spend all your free time with him or her... there is special rules that you have to respect or something bad will happen. Couples that hate each other or some fall in love. See how Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam deal with their new school and with their new partner.

Friendship, love, betrayal, enemies, magic, One Direction, girls and boys - watch out for a special year!!!

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13. The first party (Part 3)

Attention, Attention there is going to have bad words! Just saying... lol

Zayn's P.O.V: 

It was now 11 pm and Perrie and I had watch 2 movies already. We were sitting on the sofa cuddling. I was starting to get tired so I went to lie down on the bed. Perrie closed the tv and went to join me. 

" You okay?" Perrie ask me worried.

I kept coughing and it was hurting my throat. I let out loud breath and looked at her. She looked so beautiful. I was lucky that she was my partner. I wondered if everyone in he school was happy with there partner... Oh well, I was happy so I let that thought go away. 

" I'm just tiered. Sorry, I feel bad for you. " I said.

" I'm fine so stop worrying! Haha But thanks for apologizing." She said. Then she stopped laughing and became serious. Hum... I was wondering if I could tell you something? But you have to promise that you won't tell. Even the others they don't even know! You're the only one to know this secret... " She said.

I was surprised by what she had just said. I was touch that she was trusting me. I smiled and made my promise of keeping my secret.

" Before coming to this school I had a boyfriend. His name was Dean." She paused before starting talking again. " I loved him so much. But he wasn't nice to me. You see I was so in love with him that I let him push me and scream at me, I didn't accept that he could hurt me. I believed he loved me.. A few weeks before coming here I told him that I was breaking up with him... I had finally accepted that the situation wasn't the best one. He was so mad at me that he locked me in his room and... and..." She stopped talking.

I took her hand and encouraged her to talk. She let a tears come out of her eyes.

" Dean raped me." 

My mouth dropped. Then she started crying. I took her in my arm and let her cry. It lasted for a while. It really felt like it was the first time she told this to someone. I mean she was still scared of the situation. Now, I had the responsibility to keep her happy and protected. 

Niall's P.O.V :

I let a uh! looking at this girl Sara looking like a idiot. She was so full of anger all the time. What was she doing here? A boy named Teodor was with her but Sara didn't care about him. Sara was looking at Faith and Stella like was going to kill them. 

" What are you doing here? " I spat at her.

" Well the same thing as you honey. " She replied.

She sat on an empty chair Teodor under her( so she was sitting on him ). 

" I chose dare. " she simply said.

" Go and make up with a random guy." Faith said to her.

" Fine! " she said.

She got up and went to kiss Jason. Dylane slaped her on the left cheek and ran to the girl bathroom crying. Jason screamed something to her and went to get Dylane. She came back and gave Harry a wink. He seamed tensed or should I say a little jealous. She smiled at Faith and said " Who's next?" 

" Me! " Danielle screamed.

" Ok, I want you to make up with Liam for 5 minutes. " Sara laugh at her.

Since she had joined us, nobody was having fun. Only her. Even her partner wasn't having fun. I look at Louis and he was angry. I told him to do something for Sara to go away. Danielle and Liam starting kissing. It look like they liked it. It was kind of cute except for the fact that they were in public. If they would have been alone it would have been better. Anyways Louis got up and said to Sara:

" Sara I think you should go. " 

She looked at him and said:

" Listen, you can't decide where I can go and where I can't. " She said roughly. " Oh and since everyone in here seems to hate me and I hate them to, except Harry, I shall go... Oh and Louis... Go fuck yourself!

She got up and spat mean thing to us. She walked away, but Teodor didn't follow her. He also got up but he said:

" Guys I'm sorry for what she said, she's just a bitch. " He said before walking away.

We couldn't help but to laugh at what her had just said. We finished the night calmly by the fire. We talked about all kind of things. But then I saw the headmistress coming talking to Sara. She seemed very angry. And then she left, Sara following her. What happened?


Images of the school:

(it's actually the keyon college)


I know this chapter was short but...What happened with Sara? What did you think of the first party? 

Thanks for reading 

:) Gabgiz


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