I Almost Do

A new school just open. The thing is, it's different from the other schools. On the first day of school, students are formed in two lines. All the girls are on one side and the boys on the other. Couples are made (one boy and one girl) and you have to spend all your free time with him or her... there is special rules that you have to respect or something bad will happen. Couples that hate each other or some fall in love. See how Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam deal with their new school and with their new partner.

Friendship, love, betrayal, enemies, magic, One Direction, girls and boys - watch out for a special year!!!

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12. The first party (Part 2)

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The girls's dresses for the party : 

Perrie: (http://shop.mango.com/CA/page/mango/clothing/dresses/?n=13)

Stella: (http://shop.mango.com/CA/p0/mango/clothing/dresses/cocktailparty/lace-panels-dress/?id=83440358_10&n=1&s=prendas.vestidosprendas&ie=0&m=&ts=1367088120048)

Danielle: I don't remember where this dress comes from sorry... But if you really like it well i'll look for it.


Eleonor: (http://canada.forever21.com/Product/Product.aspx?BR=F21&Category=whatsnew_app_dresses&ProductID=2031556673&VariantID=)


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Faith's P.O.V: 

Harry and I were having so much fun dancing. It has been 2 hours now that the party had started. The food was coming soon and it was a special meal. The others were also dancing beside us. The music was fantastic! The DG was doing a good job. 

I could tell Harry was having fun because he kept dancing and smiling at me. But then the music stopped and a new song started. It was a slow song. Harry smiled at me, took my waist and brought me closer to him. Harry smelled very nice. We talked and laugh. He told me about his life before coming here at the school. So I know him a little bit better. It was pretty cool, it felt like nothing had happened with Sara (Harry was respecting me).

" You look pretty tonight Faith. " Harry said to me.

" Oh! Thank you Harry. You look nice too..." I said.

" I'm sorry for what happened with Sara... I just can't imagine that she did this because of me."He said looking down at his feet.

" How did you know she was mean to me to have you?" I asked surprised.

He hesitated to speek before answering me. 

" Well Stella told me..." He finally said.

 I nodded. Harry brought me again a little more closer to him. We were now very close. I was also the happiest woman in here because all of my problemes were gone for now and it felt awsome!

People started to leave the dance floor. So we decided to follow them. Harry brought me at the table were the others were sitting waiting for us. 

" Hey! Are you guys having fun?" Louis screamed.

We all screamed YES! Louis was very excited and he couldn't stop screaming. It was funny to see him like that. The food eventually came to our table and we ate. The food was excellent. 

" I heard there's a fire place outside. And people are playing a truth or dare game. Should we go?" Danielle asked us.

" Well it looks fun! I think we should go like... NOW." Louis said running outside with Eleonor beside him. 

Ele and Louis were perfect for eachother because they had the same personality but at the same time they were different. They were so cute together! We went outside to join Louis and Eleonor and sat around the fire. There were lights everywhere in the trees. It was beautiful and romantic. There was not only one fire there was a couple one. People gathered around them. So we had our own fire. We were now all sitting on chairs. 

" Hey look" I said pointing at a bag of marshmallows beside Niall.

I didn't have time to get up and take them, Niall had took them before me. I smiled and asked Niall to make some for all of us. 

" Sure! " He said. 

He took branches and the marshmallows and gave them to everyone. We all had our branches and we were now putting them over the fire. Louis and Niall had 3 marshmallows on one branch. They were funny!

" Hey we should play truth or dare! " Liam proposed.

We all agreed for playing. 

" Ok, I'm starting! " Eleonor screamed.

I laugh and said to her:

" Well, truth or dare? " 

" Hummmm... Truth" She said.

She smiled to Louis and look back at me, waiting for the question. I thought about the question I should asked. I looked at Harry and he told me to ask her if she liked so far being with Louis. She blushed.

" I do like being with Louis. He's fun " She said again smiling at Louis. This time he smiled back at her. 

" Ok your turn Faith! " Louis said.

I froze wondering what I should chose and thinking about other things....

 Niall's P.O.V: 

Earlier this night: 

" Stella are you okay? " I asked.

Stella froze on the dance floor. Why? I look in the direction were she was looking and saw that boy... Josh. He was friend with Jason, Harry's roommate. Josh was with Laura, his girlfriend, that girl that was hanging with Sara. Plus they were dancing together very close. I know I don't like him and all, but I cared for Stella and now I could see she was sad. I took Stella's hand and she looked at me suprised. She had tears in her beautiful eyes. It made me feel confident in what I was going to say. She look at the ground shy of the situation. I pulled her out of the dance floor. Still looking at the floor Stella spoke:

" I'm sorry I don't know what happened to me... I'm so stupid! You've been nice to me all the time and all--" 

" Stella you're so sweet and you're not stupid! If that guy doesn't see you're wonderful, well he's stupid. That's all!" I said to her lifting her head up gentely with my free hand still holding her other one. I stoped worrying about how I felt and thought about her and only her for a moment. 

She sniff and made an little smile.

" The thing is that, I talked to him once and we're not even allowed to like other guys. Not that I don't like you." She said " I guess I like when guys are unavailable, I don't know why..." She said laughing.

I laughed also.

" Should we go back or?..." I ask changing subject because she felt better.

Stella didn't answer she just pulled me on the dance flore. Once we were on the dance floor, she brought me closer to her and said  " Thank you Niall". I just smiled and we continued dancing.

Harry's P.O.V :

Faith just sat on her chair looking at the ground. 

" Faith?" I said moving my hand in front of her eyes.

What was she thinking about? 

" Dare?" She finally said. 

" I dare you to kiss Harry! " Danielle said.

She looked at me with strange eyes, hesitant. What was happening with her. She got up and sat on me. I looked in her eyes and a connection just happened. I don't know how to explain it but it felt different from-- She kissed me interupting my thoughts. She had one hand on my shoulder and the other one was in my hair, playing with it. My hand were just floting in the air. I finally put my hand on her waist. I gave all I had and I didn't know why. Magic? A few seconds later she pulled away.The kiss was wonderful...Huh! She again looked at me in the eyes and went to sit back in her chair. She looked like she came back from that weird moment, I meen she looked normal again, smiling. It was now my turn to be weird. Confused of what just happend. 

 " Wow guys! " Danielle said laughing with the others." Who's nex--" 

" Oh! Look who's there. The little gang and the wonderful little brats Faith and Stella! " A voice said interupting Dani.

I looked and saw Sara. She was wearing a red-pinkish dress had a few jewelry and her hair was loose. But the scary part is that she is looking at Faith like she wanted to kill her. 



Little Reminder of the rules:

Rule#1: Your partener is everything to you. You must be with him or her almost all the time! But there are exceptions!

Rule#2: For school projects, you must be in team with your partener. 

Rule#3: You may not flirt or date other people in other couples but you can with your partener. 

Rule#4: If you are in love with someone in a other couple, you can exchange but all four members of the 2 couples have to agree to exchange. If you agree: you may exchange parteners and date him or her. * You have to go threw this with the direction! If some of you don't agree: You must continu with your partener

Rule#5: You can just be friends with your partener. But you can date her or him also!

Rule#6: You can't go on dates with others than your partener.

Rule#7: Grades are importants here, you have to be good and study hard!

Rule#8: Every Fridays, there is going to have a party or activities in the big room. You have to dress proprely and nicely.

Rule#9: Every Thurdays, you may have a break of being with your partener. You can do whatever you want. You can't date others in this day also.


Little reminder of the couples:

Main characters:

Perrie is with Zayn

Faith is with Harry

Eleonor is with Louis

Stella is with Niall

Danielle is with Liam

Other character that are going to be important: 

Sara is with Teodor

Dylane is with Jason

Laura is with Josh


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