I Almost Do

A new school just open. The thing is, it's different from the other schools. On the first day of school, students are formed in two lines. All the girls are on one side and the boys on the other. Couples are made (one boy and one girl) and you have to spend all your free time with him or her... there is special rules that you have to respect or something bad will happen. Couples that hate each other or some fall in love. See how Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam deal with their new school and with their new partner.

Friendship, love, betrayal, enemies, magic, One Direction, girls and boys - watch out for a special year!!!

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18. Sunday

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Eleanor's P.O.V:

I woke up lying on the floor. Why was I there? I sat up and looked at Louis. He was lying on his back in a star position in boxers taking the hole bed. You know like people do in swimming pool... in boxers... I laughed and push Louis's hand and leg closer to him to make place for me to lay don. He woke up and I laughed again. 

" I think we will need a bigger bed...I just fell off because your taking to much place" I spoke.

" Sorry... " He said. 

" I was joking Lou! " I said giving him a little hug. " Well let me get dressed and we could go eat with the others. 


Louis got up and looked at his phone that was bibping. He laughed and replied by text to the person that had texted him. 

" Who was that if I can ask?" 

" Liam, Yesterday, I had asked him if he liked his room. Well he said it was beautiful and that they are going to eat in ten minutes." Liam replied.

" Ok, good. " 

I went in the bathroom and changed in glossy leggings and a grey longsleeve shirt and that lovely 3 colors purse. I did my hair into wavy curls and did my make-up. Done. I got out of the bathroom and Louis was wearing a nice outfit also. He had a white t-shirt with a owl on it and some beige shorts. 

Her outfit: ( Sorry if you can't see the outfit (doesn't work on the ipod or iphone) you have to be on a computer ) outfit from Nasty Gal

 " So I was wondering before we go eat, are we still going on this date today? " I ask

" We sure are! " He said " You look very beautiful today." He added.

" Thanks" I said. 

I took his arm and we went at the caff. 

Faith's P.O.V: 

Ewh! My hair!!! It's all messy and disgusting from yesterday. I'm not usually someone that freaks out about how there hair looks, but now my hair really looks ugly, I'm telling ya! The water made my hair wavy and all stuck in small spagetti batch, you know what I mean?. I ran quickly in the shower and washed myself. "Nana nana nanana, oh I still don't know why... why I love you so much" I sang while dancing in the shower like crazy. Harry and I had kissed and it was wonderful. I feel so free and... happy. Where was Harry all my life? I come to this weird school and PAF! Harry is there. Even if I had a few crushes on boys before, it never felt so good and so right. Anyways, I turned off the shower and got out of it. I pluged in the blow dryer in the plug and brushed my hair before blow drying it. 

While I was getting ready, I thought about Sara... Wondering if she would do something mean soon. Since she didn't mess with us recently, I thought that she could really do something evil. It was me nervous. That Sara... I have to do something to stop this... But how?

I did the final touch on my make up and I was finished. I opened the door of the bathroom and found Harry lying on the bed playing with his phone. 

" Are you ready to go Harry? " I said 

He turned around and smiled. 

" Why do you have to be so beautiful! " He said pulling me into a nice big hug.

I laugh and he kissed me.

" Harry, I want you to know... that I love you, but I don't want to go to quick... You know? " 

" Ya sure, I understand. I want what you want: you beeing happy. And if you wnat to take it slower just tell me. " Harry said.

I took my bag and we went at the cafeteria holding hands. We dicided not to tell them right now that we were dating. At least for now. 

Her outfit: ( Grey shirt with a beige vest and a high waisted shorts ) From: Nasty Gal.

Niall's P.O.V:

While Stella was getting ready in the bathroom, I was watching TV while lying on the bed. "This room was really perfect! " I thought. It was clearly better then the other one. Stella and I really love it. Even if it was a little bit weird sleeping in the same bed and sharing the bathroom when we barly know each other but, we we're kind of cool with it. We became like best friend since to first day, even if I have a crush on her I want it to stay like this... for now. It seems like this school is special, ALL the couples are kind of happy or are in love. It's like magic...It's weird.

And that Josh guy! I have to keep a eye on him. I don't want him to be in the way when I want to make a move, you know. When the time comes...

" Niall? " She screamed from the bathroom.

" YES! "

" Could you help me please? I don't want this to be weird but... I need you to zip my dress please, I can't do it by myself. " 

I walked towards to the bathroom.

" Ya... sure. Can I come in now? Your not naked?" 

" Yes" She laugh.

I came in and she was holding her dress trying to zip it herself. When shesaw me she stopped and waited for me to zip it. I came closer to her and I couldn't help but to look at her body, well her back. She had a pink bra and I could also see a little bit of her pink underwear. She was skinny and look like she had a beautiful body.

 She was wearing a pale pink short dress with small metallic flowers on it. I finally zip her dress. She turned around and thanked me. She looked beautiful. She had let her hair curl naturally and she had a small headband matching her dress (metallic flowers). 

Her outfit: from Nasty Gal.

While we walked over to the caff, I entertainded her with some of my funniest jokes. She couldn't stop laughing and it made me feel happy. We sat at the table where the gagne was sitting. Perrie was wearing a very cool shirt with a unicorn on it and some shorts.

" Cool shirt Perrie! Where did you buy it! " Stella asked.

" Hum, Zayn chose it this morning, and I can't remember sorry, but thanks. " She replided.

Her oufit: From Nasty gal (again haha) 

and Dani was wearing a beige blouse and some short. 

Her outfit: 

We all got to eat slowly while talking and relaxing. We shared our thoughts on the new rooms. We all agreed on the crazy change. We were all wonderring why did they change us into different rooms. And it was all troubleling us. We got to a end of talking about this and agreeing to go and talk to the headmistress about this. We wanted a anwser to this. 

" Well I don't want to be mean or something, but Eleanor and I had something planned for today and we can't really cancel it... So we can't go with you guys. " Louis said 

We were all very surprised by the fact of Louis and Eleanor going on a date. But we thought it would be cool for them so I don't think people were mad. Well I wasn't. And to add to that it isn't a big of a deal to go alone. I was just happy for them. Now let's hope everything goes well!

" I was thinking, if we don't want this to go into a bad place, like we don't want Mrs. Morgane to be offended by our thoughts... " I paused, they nodded. " I don't think everyone should go. I think 2 people could go. I mean, we're just asking a question right..." I said waiting for their thoughts. 

" Ya, Niall has a point... Rules are rules, we can't change them really, but we do want to know why they made that change. And we don't want this to become a problem with the direction.  Zayn and I could go. " Perrie spoke.

We all agreed again on this and went to drop our cafeteria trays on the counter. Louis and Eleonor left not long after for there date. We step outside the dinning place. 

" What should we do before starting class again tomorow...I think we are going to be very occupied so mind as well do something fun today. " Danielle asked.

" I heard there's a very nice beach outside. We can go and play volley ball and soccer (football)? " Harry proposed. 

" YES!!! " I screamed. 

Dan, Liam, Faith, Harry, Stella and I went in our rooms to change in our bathing suits and we told each other that we would meet over there in ten. Zayn and Perrie went to talk to the headmistress about the thing and would join us after

Louis's P.O.V: 

I dicided to bring Eleanor to a nice walk on the beach and after we could go and see a movie and we could finished the day with a nice dinner. We were now walking on the beach and we talked about ourselves. I starting to see that Eleanor was the girl version of me: funny and crazy, but she's cute and intresting to talk with. I really enjoy her compagnie. She talked about having a dog later in her life and her vision of her perfect life(family, house, job). And I talked about my dream of being a famous singer, my secret. We played in the water a little, and I was trowing water at her. We laugh a lot. We went to see a movie in the cinema in the school. A comedic romance one, you know what girls like and I have to say that I like sometimes... Ya so we hold hands and share candies like on a normal date. 

When the movie was finished, It was 7 pm and it was getting a little dark outside. I took her on a small boat where I had put some lights everywhere and roses petals on the floor. It was very romantic. A table was on the boat. We were having dinner on the boat. 

" OMG! Louis! This is so beautiful! I can't believe you did this for me. " She said.

She gave me a small kiss on the cheek and I helped her to sit down on her chair, like a real gentleman. Then I sat in front of her on my chair. A man came and gave us our dinner and drinks and we ate. All dinner long she was speechless about everyting. She was so happy! We really enjoyed this date. Well I really did. 

Zayn's P.O.V: 

 "I can't wait to tell them this! This is so crazy! That woman is crazy, Mrs. Morgane! And that school also..." I said running with Perrie by my side both shoked about what we just heard.


 Infos on the rules (reminder) plus new rule :


Rule#1: Your partener is everything to you. You must be with him or her almost all the time and respect him or her!

Rule#2: For school projects, you must be in team with your partener. 

Rule#3: You may not flirt or date other people in other couple. 

Rule#4: If you are in love with someone in a other couple, you can exchange but all four members of the 2 couples have to agree to exchange. If you agree: you may exchange parteners and date him or her. * You have to go threw this with the direction! If you don't agree: You continu with your partener

Rule#5: You can just be friends with your partener. But you can date her or him to!

Rule#6: You can't go on dates with others than you partener.

Rule#7: Grades are importants here, you have to be good and study hard!

Rule#8: Every Fridays, there is going to have a party or activities in the big room. You have to dress proprely and nicely.

Rule#9: Every Thurdays, you may have a break of being with your partener. You can do whatever you want. You can't date others in this day also.

*** New rule!!!!!!!***

Rule#10: Now that couples are sharing rooms they are not allowed to had sex without protection. 

**If you don't follow the rules... the couple will be expelled  immediately!**


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