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A new school just open. The thing is, it's different from the other schools. On the first day of school, students are formed in two lines. All the girls are on one side and the boys on the other. Couples are made (one boy and one girl) and you have to spend all your free time with him or her... there is special rules that you have to respect or something bad will happen. Couples that hate each other or some fall in love. See how Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam deal with their new school and with their new partner.

Friendship, love, betrayal, enemies, magic, One Direction, girls and boys - watch out for a special year!!!

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4. Rules, rules and couples

Oh, just telling you that the headmistress is Mrs.Morgane.

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Faith's P.O.V :

We sat on a bench and waited for the headmistress' instructions. I looked around and scanned the room. The room was huge! ( if you imagine the Harry Potter room where everyone eats, well it is a bit like it but more modern and with a cafeteria at the back) The walls were covered with all kinds of paintings. It was beautiful. Then something caught my eye. This boy, He was... The hair, the clothes, the hole him was just fabulous! He turned his head and looked right at me. I smiled and he gave me a discused look in return. I looked down and felt sad. Ouch, this was a very bad start... 

" OMG!!! I don't know why, but I feel nervous... " Perrie said to me. 

As Perrie kept talking to me, Mrs. Morgane walked on her little stage where all the teachers were. Everyone stopped talking and again, we were the only ones talking. Perrie was so shy when everyone starred at her. She hid her face on my shoulder. Again, this was a very bad start.

" Boys and girls, welcome! I hope you all like your rooms. We will begin so please get up and make 2 lines. Girls on the left and boys on the right. No talking please! " The headmistress said.

We all got up and went where we had to. The lines were very long. There was about 500 students in the room. Everyone was wondering why would they want us to make 2 lines? I looked at the cute boy again even if I didn't like what he did to me. He was smiling at a few girl, flirting. Pfff what a jerk! Why did he not like me? I hate him! I turned my head in a different direction and tryed to not look at him. 

" Good... Now that you have made 2 lines, we will place you into couples : One boy and one girl.  When you are named,  the boys will take their partener and go sit with her at a talble. After wait for our instructions. I know this is weird, but please do as I say and everything will be fine! No complaining! "

I looked arouned and everyone had a question mark on top of there head. Nobody was understanding what was happening. The only one that wasn't doing this face was that cute curly haired boy. He looked like he knew what they were doing... Like he didn't care

" Eh! Why are there putting us in couples? " I asked to Perrie. 

" I don't know, but it's weird here... "She replied crosing her arms. " Why did we came here agin? " She said.

I turned my head back looking at the headmisstress. She was holding a very long list in her hands. She named alot of people before she named me and the girls. When she named some couples people looked sad our angry to be with the other person. What if the girls and I get to be with ugly and anoying guys? It would be a VERY long year! The lines were getting smaller and smaller. The cute boy was still in the boys' line. What if I get to be with him? He already hates me, I don't want to be...

" Faith is going to be with... Harry Styles." Mrs. Morgane said. 

I looked aroud looking for that Harry guy. Then a hand toutched my back. I turned around and saw him... OMG It was THE cute guy.... Harry was the cute guy that looked at me and made me a mean look.  I looked at him and started walking in direction of a empty table. Then, he came and joined me.

" Are you ok? " Harry asked me.

" Ya. I'm fine thanks..." I said not even looking a him, mad.

To be honest, I was very angry of him being my partener. He was good looking... but the look he gave me... 

" Perrie please find your patener Zayn Malik.... Louis Tomlinson, please join Eleonor... Stella you are going to be with Niall Horan... Danielle find your patener Liam Payne." 

They all walked at the table with there partener. They were all smiling. All the girls were now sitting at the table with there partener. They were all talking to each-other. They looked happy. I felt bad of not being nice to Harry. So I turned my head to Harry to apologise, but he was talking with a other girl. They were actuly flirting. 


List of couples :

Main characters:

Perrie is with Zayn

Faith is with Harry

Eleonor is with Louis

Stella is with Niall

Danielle is with Liam

Other character that are going to be important: 

Sara is with Teodor

Dylane is with Jason

Laura is with Josh


Stella's P.O.V : 

I was in couple with this cute guy named Niall Horan. He had amazing blue eyes, nice hair and seemed funny. He was nice, but wasn't talking very much. I tryed to make a conversation, but he was a little shy. But he was still so... so... so very nice! I enjoyed talking to to boys and getting to know them. There fun! I feel like Niall and I are going to be the best friends. I know it sounds weird to said it that way but I feel that strong thing between us...

Harry's P.O.V : 

" Are you ok? " I asked Faith.

" Ya. I'm fine thanks..." She said not even looking a me.

She was beautiful and all but she was just not... not my type... I looked away and crossed my arms, pissed. Why did I had to be in a couple AND with her... I want to flirt with other girls and--

" Wow I love you arms! "A blond girl said." Sooooo strong! " 

" Thanks, what's your name love? " I said with my flirting voice. It works all the time!

She had blond hair, blue eyes, perfect skin, and best... She was sexy! She had that mini skirt and a pink v -line t-shirt. She was very skinny and her voice... wow...

" I'm Sara and you're Harry Styles." She responded .

She came closer to me and wispered in my ear. She told me that I was sexy and told me thing I can't repeat. I liked her! That is the kind of girl I like. Those girls who are sexy and that are not scarred of talking to boys. Girls that you can have fun with and you can have a nice conversation with. Sexy girls... Sara... 

Liam's P.O.V :

Danielle was a charming girl. She was just so beautiful! Her hair and her smile, she was just perfect. The girls at our table were all very nice. We were laughing and all but there was Harry that was flirting with a different girl. I mean not with Faith. She was all alone. But she still tried to look happy. She tried. I could see it was making her feel stupid. I turn to face her and included her in our conversation. After a while, she was talking with us and having fun. I think my plan worked. 

" Students, now that you are all in couples, I will explain to you the rules for this school. " The headmistress said. " Like other schools, we all have the same rules, like violence rules and anyways... But we're also different. Now I know you are all wondering why we placed you into  couples. Well from now on, your parteners are now your best friends... You will be with them most of the time. But, On Thursdays only, you will be free to do whatever you want. Sometime there will be some exceptions. The rest of the time, you should spend time with your partener, get to know him/her, it's very important. At the end of the year, there will be a game name: Do you know your partner?" She paused " We placed you in those couples for a reason... Don't mess everyting up! Each Fridays, there will be a activity or a party in this room. It will be fun. For exemple, movie nights, dances, concerts, etc... You can't date other people, but your partener. If you want to exchange parteners there will be things to arrange first. If you don't respect those rules, there will be consequenses... Now school is starting in 2 days, please relax and we will see you in 2 days. " 

OMG! This is not right... This is crazy and weird!!! They can't controle how or who we date!!! We're supposed to be free not like this!

" Oh! And I forgot to say... Your rooms are pretty simple right now but by getting a job or something else. I can't talk about now it right now, but later in the school year, you will know all the possiblilities of how you can earn money... There are shops in the school and you can decorate your rooms like you want. You may go now... Thank you." Mrs. Morgane said. " Feel free to walk around the school and discover things. There is a lot to do here. " 



( Please read this carrefuly because the hole movella will depend on these rules. It is very important that you understand those rules. Please, if you don't understand them or have questions, please ask me by commenting. Thanks) 


More infos on the rules :


Rule#1: Your partener is everything to you. You must be with him or her almost all the time!

Rule#2: For school projects, you must be in team with your partener. 

Rule#3: You may not flirt or date other people in other couple. 

Rule#4: If you are in love with someone in a other couple, you can exchange but all four members of the 2 couples have to agree to exchange. If you agree: you may exchange parteners and date him or her. * You have to go threw this with the direction! If you don't agree: You continu with your partener

Rule#5: You can just be friends with your partener. But you can date her or him to!

Rule#6: You can't go on dates with others than you partener.

Rule#7: Grades are importants here, you have to be good and study hard!

Rule#8: Every Fridays, there is going to have a party or activities in the big room. You have to dress proprely and nicely.

Rule#9: Every Thurdays, you may have a break of being with your partener. You can do whatever you want. You can't date others in this day also.


Niall's P.O.V :

We all decided to do something all together. We would go eat as a group in a few minutes. We could have fun. Since we had be spen time together...



I know you are now saying this school is freaking weird, but it will be a different book from what you have read. I promis you will like it. Don't forget, if you have questions please asked me it will be a pleasure for me to answer you. Now the story is really beggining! 

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