I Almost Do

A new school just open. The thing is, it's different from the other schools. On the first day of school, students are formed in two lines. All the girls are on one side and the boys on the other. Couples are made (one boy and one girl) and you have to spend all your free time with him or her... there is special rules that you have to respect or something bad will happen. Couples that hate each other or some fall in love. See how Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam deal with their new school and with their new partner.

Friendship, love, betrayal, enemies, magic, One Direction, girls and boys - watch out for a special year!!!

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35. Nightmare

Corina's POV:

When everyone thought that all the groups had passed, I surprised them by walking on stage alone. I was going to sing a special song for Dean. A song that would maje him understand what I felt when he treated me badly and all. I was going to sing what is love by Lea Mitchele. That song may not be about Dean and I story but when I song this song, I feel better.

I got in the middle of the stage and ask the DG to play the song. When the melody started, I became very serious and ready to deliver my emotions to Dean. I had this idea of doing this a few minutes ago. I thought it would really make me feel better. My friends were very surprised by my action but Dean... Dean was furious. It was scary. But it gave me even more courage. I hate to be treated like this and I want it to stop. Perrie gave me the stranght to talk about it. Plus she was in the same situation as I am right now.

When I stared to sing, the room went silent. It was akward but I felt even better.

Dean was listening to me very carefuly and looking at me right into my eyes.

When the song ended, I said thank you and walk away from the center of the stage.

I nervously walk over to my friends and smiled. They were all speachless.

" Co, that was amazing!!! " Stella spoke breaking the silence.

She gave me a hug and so did the others. Well except Dean. I looked at him and said :

" I hope you liked it because it was for you."

I could see in his eyes that he had understood why I sang that song. We tried to hide his anger as he promised in our game and gave me a hug. Perrie nodded at me happy for what I did. I smiled at her.

As we were talking about our performance, the groupe 5 seconds of summer came to see us. Ashton spoke first:

" I really enjoyed all your performances. But Corina's was the best. You rocked! "

I blused.

" Well thanks, yours was also amazing. " I replied happily.

Luke smiled at me and said :

" You should totally come and sing with us one day! "

I nodded. " Sure, that would be awsome! "

Then the headmistress walked on stage with an envelope in her hands.

" I will announce the winner shortly. But first of all, congradulations to everyone for participating. " She paused. " Now, I will anounce the 3 groups that made it till the end, but the order isn't right. The 3 groups will come on stage and then I will announce who won out of the 3 groups left. The juges were the one who decided who won so please don't blame me if anything went wrong. "

We all looked at each others. She might be my mom, but I hate her. Long story...

" The 3 groups that made it to the finaly are... 5 Seconds Of Summer... The boys that sang Story of my life... And the girls that sang Move.

We hugged each others and ran on stage, happy to be in the final 3. We took each others hands and waited for my mom to tell who won.

It seemed to last for ever. She talked and talked. It was a pain in the ass. Everyone thought that the headmistress was weird. It embarrassing for her. Poor Dean...

Finaly, it was time.

" So, the winners are... Corina!!!

What??? Why didn't she say all of our names?

" Girls, we won!!! " I screamed of happiness.

They all smiled and Dani spoke :

" No Co... YOU won!!! "

I stayed there processing...

" Congradulation Corina! Please come here in front. " Said the headmistress.

I slowly walked over to her and looked at the croud. They were all screaming. I even saw Ashton from 5SOS. He made an eye contact and I could read on his lips: " You deserve it " I smiled and looked at Dean's mom.

" Now, would you like to say a word? Oh and Dean please join us! " She said.

Dena walked over to me and kissed my forehead and them pulled me into a hug. I didn't know how to feel about his action... Anyways, I took the microphone and started talking :

" Well hum thank you I guess for this surprise. I wasn't expecting this... I hum... I wan to thank the girls for surporting me and the other finalist. Thank you. "

I smiled and gave the microphone back to the women.

" So... As said, Dean and you will go to Walt Disney World for two wonderful month!!! You will rest in the most expensive hotel and go into the most expensive restaurents. Now go pack you bags, you're leaving tomorrow night.... Also congradulation to everyone, you will also have a special suprise. But I won't tell more for now. Since theirs 3 months left of school there will be something special coming soon... Goodnight everyone!!! "

She walk out of the stage. Dean took my hand and pulled me out of the stage too. We looked for the others. When we found them, I ran over to them.

" Guys, I'm soooo sorry!!! I know how much we worked, I didn't want to win and ruin everything... Sorry..."

Liam quickly put a hand on my shoulder seeing I was crying.

" Corina, you didn't do anything wrong. You deserve it, you were awesome! "

I smiled at him and Dean grabbed me by the waist. It didn't feel right tho.

" I can't wait to spend alone time with you. " He murmurred in my ear.

I tried to get out of his grip and looked over to Perrie. She wasn't smiling. Just like me.

" Guys i'm going to steel or star for a few minutes. We'll be right back. " She said.

We walked out of the party room and we both started panniking. I was crying and she was shaking.

" Omg!!! What did I do?! " I said.

" Everything is going to be fine. Thank god you made a game so he won't hurt you. " She said trying to convince herself that what she was saying is true.

I started crying even more.

" He won Perrie... He won!!! "

" What? "

" A few days ago, he made us a romantic night and I forgot about who he was... We kissed and I kissed him back. "

Perrie couldn't believe it. She had her mouth open.

" No." She just said.

" When I realise what I was doing, I ran into the bathroom and cryed myself to sleep." I paused knowing what was going ro happen soon. " Perrie, he can do whatever he wants to do with me now. He won. "

We stayed there for a few minutes processing.

" We have to do something... If only I could be there with you. " She said crying.

It was hard for us because : Perrie knew what Dean was capable of doing and I knew what he was going to do. I was so scared. It was terrifying.

" What if we ask the headmistress if you and Zayn can come with us? " I suggested. "

We both smiled.

*** moments later in Corina's room:

" What do you mean Zayn and Perrie are coming with us? " Dean screamed.

***moments later in Perrie's room:

" What do mean we're going in vacation with the guy that... Hurted you?! " Zayn screamed.

I had never seen him so angry.

" Zayn, Corina is in danger. I'm the only one that knows what to do and how to help her. Please come with me! I can do it without you... " I said crying.

Zayn took my hands and said:

" Are you sure you want to do this? " He said.

I thought.

" Yes, I'm sure. "


" Ok... We'll go, but only because she's in danger and because I love you... But don't expect me to have fu. And all. " He said walking over to the bed.

" I understand. Thank you. " I said wippinf my tears off my face.

I changed into my pjs and jumped into the bed. I tryed to cuddle with Zayn but he pushed me away. He didn't understand how I could put muself in danger on more time. But I just had to.

By tomorrow, my nightmare is starying all over again. I just hope this time we won't be two in this situation.


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- dani's baby is born;

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