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A new school just open. The thing is, it's different from the other schools. On the first day of school, students are formed in two lines. All the girls are on one side and the boys on the other. Couples are made (one boy and one girl) and you have to spend all your free time with him or her... there is special rules that you have to respect or something bad will happen. Couples that hate each other or some fall in love. See how Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam deal with their new school and with their new partner.

Friendship, love, betrayal, enemies, magic, One Direction, girls and boys - watch out for a special year!!!

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20. Homework...

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Mature content!!!!!!!!!!!! ( I'm warring you! )

Liam's P.O.V:  

Monday came faster then I thought. School is now officially started and we're all very.. hum... NOT excited... When we woke up, Dani and I did our usually morning routine. After, we went at the caff to eat breakfast. Today, they were serving pancakes with fruits. Mmm love those!  When everyone was here, we got to talk a little before going to class.

" Hey Stella, we didn't get the chance yesterday night to talk about the thing... Why Sara was crying... " I reminded her.

She thought for a while then she looked at Niall. 

" Well, Sara got in a fight with Teodor, her partner and well... she's sad... So I gave her advices to for her and him. There having a few problems. Anyways, it wasn't  a of big deal. She told things to her friends and now there's rumours all over the place so don't listen to them. But ya... "

" Wow it must of been borrrrriiiiinnnnggg to here her talking about that! Poor you! " Louis exclaimed.  

She smile and lift her shoulders. 

Surprisely, we all got English for our first period. We got into class and sat all together waiting for the teacher. When the teacher came, she gave us our first homework of the year. It was a very long one so she gave us the permission do to it in groups, with our partner. It was do for Wednesday.

" Great homework! " I exclaimed not happy.

We all got in our little groups and did our work. After 20 minutes of working with our partner, we all got annoyed with the homework. So we talked with our friends for the rest of the class. When the class ended, we went to eat lunch at the small cafe beside the english class. Dani and I shared a sandwich. 

" So, do you want to work on the homework with me tonight? " Dani asked me.

" Sure babe! " I replied with a flirty smile. 

She blushed.

" So guys. What are you planing to do tonight? " I asked the others while biting in by sandwich.

"  Well faith and I are going to do our homework on the beach. I've always wanted to do this " Harry spoke

The others said they would stay in there rooms, relaxing or and doing homework. You know school just started and we already have homework, it totally sucks! After going to our 2 other class this afternoon, we went to our rooms and relaxed. Danielle and I decided to eat later in the room. We would order pizza again and just relax. We were on now the bed doing our homework. We had the one from this morning and one other from French class. 

" Bonjour ma belle! " I said to her in french( it means: Hello beautiful) 

" What does ma belle means? " 

" It means your beautiful. " I answered. 

I kisses her and she kissed me back. Then she asked me if I could make a braid in her hair. So I brushed her hair and tried to braid it. I guess I didn't get it because her hair was in a complete mess. 

" I'm sorry, I not quite good at this... " I said laughing.

She laughed and pulled me in her arms. We kissed and fell asleep in each other's arms not long after that. (btw, we didn't do it) 

Eleonor's P.O.V: 

Louis really is a romantic guy. The date on a boat, the movie and the romantic walk on the beach, I couldn't ask for a better date. He really surprised me. I did kiss him, but only a peck, a small kiss. The best part was, after we kissed, Louis was all blushing. It was funny cause I know he liked it and I surprised him by kissing him in a weird moment so it made it perfect. After super, we walked back to our room hands in hands. 

But now, were in our room doing our stupid homework. It's been 1 hour we had been working on that thing... When we finally finished, Louis and I watched a movie that was playing on the TV. But I don't remember the title or what it was talking about cause we talked during the hole movie. Louis kept making jokes and made me laugh. I finally fell asleep on the couch on Louis's lap. Louis slept there also, on the couch. 


Niall's P.O.V: 

Stella and I woke up cuddling. I had my arms around her like I was protecting her. Last night was very special. We told things to each other like secrets and stuff. I got to know her a little bit more. I guess everyone gets to have those nights when you just talk all night. Anyways, we got very close. The thing is I have to bring her on a date, cause I really want to get to know her better, in a diffrent way. But I'm shy to ask her out... That is my problem... I'm affraid she is going to refuse. But then I think: we kissed and I think she likes me. But after I think: she would had gave me a hit... Anyways, I'm going to ask the boys what to do. 

Every couple were growing closer. Perrie and Zayn are the only ones that aren't together. But with all those homework we had for those 2 days of school, I think they got closer. 

Today is Wednesday and I'm sure we're going to have more homework. I'm so tired already of school. I prefered when we would just hang out. Like everyday, Stella and I would prepare ourselves and go eat something before class. Except for breakfast, lunch and supper, we weren't seeing our friends that much, like in the night. Stella and I were missing haging with them. 

We finally got to eat with everyone at our table in the caff. It was nice seeing them. We talked and Louis made jokes making everyone laugh. It was the perfect moment to ask Liam for the date plan. As I was about to ask Liam, he got up and went to read a paper on wall, when he came back, he spoke:

" Hey guys, the party Friday is a beach party! It looks like we are going to have fun! It says on the paper in my hands that there is going to have games on the beach, contests, a dance floor, the beach obviously, and a boat ride. Can't wait! "  

" Cool! " Stella said. 

" So romantic " Dani said looking at Liam. 

He smiled and we all went in class. I didn't get the chance to talk to him... Crap. I guess I'll talk to him later. After class, Stella and I went to the library to get books and grabed supper, pasta and bread. We went to our room and ate. Did our homeworks and listen to a movie. Before I knew it, we had fell asleep on the sofa, exausted. 

Danielle's P.O.V: ** Mature moment** RED!

We got to our room and did our homework on the bed, like the other day. We kissed for a while and I pulled away. 

" I'm sorry Liam, I have to take a shower. " I said getting up. 

He grabed my arm and pulled me back closer to him.

" Liam, I really have to go." I said laughing a little.

Then, he kissed me on the neck, his mouth making his way to my ear and he said: 

" Then lets take it together..." 

Goosebumps appeared, traveling up and down my body making me feel good but nervous. It was telling me to do it. I grabed his shirt and pulled Liam closer to me. I kissed him giving him my best kiss so far. Following my instinct, I took his shirt off and took his hand. He then walked with me in the bathroom. Still kissing, Liam took my shirt off followed by my pants. Now in our underwheres, we made our way closer to the shower. Liam lift me up and placed me on the counter. I was now sitting on the counter my legs around Liam and arms around his neck. He was kissing me in the neck, my favorite place. I came down and he took my bra and underwhere off, I did the same taking his boxer off. Naked, I was getting nervous. I was shy of  my body. I looked down.

" You're beautiful, don't worry. " He said reconforting me. 

We got in the shower and kissed again, it was intense. When we got out, we dried ourselves and got on the bed. I got on top of him and I kissed him. Liam' lips made a conection with my skin just below my ear, he began to suck. I made a noise. We rolled. My turn... I placed one hand in his hair playing with it, my other one on his bum. Then it happen. 


When we finished, we were both lying on the bed swetting, still breathing fast. It was a special moment we had and I'm glad I had it with Liam. My mother always told me to wait when I was ready and with the right guy. And I'm happy I waited because it's way more special. I feel amazing and in love. Liam sat on the corner of the bed and took his condom off.  He started to pannick. Oh no!


Sorry I'm not good in writing sex...I tryed Haha 

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